15 People Dead After Kids Brought Home Strange Object

According to a village leader on Saturday, a group of children discovered an explosive device while playing, and they brought it home, which resulted in at least 15 deaths in the eastern Congo.

The incident happened on Friday night in the village of Kyangitsi, which is in the province of North Kivu’s Masisi region.

“At around 8 p.m. local time, while some of the residents were trying to find out what it was, the bomb exploded,” said Telesphore Mitondeke, a member of a Masisi grouping of civil society organizations.

Over the course of the previous fortnight, the region has been witnessing a series of confrontations between indigenous armed factions competing for dominance over rural settlements.

Several regions have already come under the jurisdiction of the “Wazalendo” patriotic self-defense troops.

Based on the accounts provided by local community leaders, it has been reported that a portion of the strategically significant town of Kitshanga is currently under the control of a group known as the young patriots. These individuals have successfully displaced the M23 rebels from their previous stronghold.

The persistent conflicts have instilled a sense of fear and anxiety within the populace, leading to a significant number of citizens seeking refuge elsewhere.

The region “is littered with numerous explosive devices abandoned and booby-trapped by fighters,” according to Mitondeke.

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