Abbot Continues to Defy Biden Administration Over Texas and Mexico Border


Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, presses on his resolution to fortify a segment of his jurisdiction’s border with Mexico. This area has persistently been exploited by unauthorized migrants to infiltrate the U.S., despite receiving an explicit stand-down command from President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security.

Abbott, a Republican, has given directives to the Texas National Guard and state law enforcement officers to establish their presence in a park close to Eagle Pass, effectively leveraging razor-wire obstructions to hinder unlawful trespassing.

The Department of Homeland Security has exerted pressure on Governor Abbott to grant U.S. Border Patrol agents access to this particular park, with the intent of disassembling these wire impediments. However, the governor has remained undeterred in his command.

His commitment to the cause has started to serve as a rallying point for other governors across the nation, leading them to proffer both moral and tangible support in the form of Guard troops, law enforcement officers, and other requisite materials set to fortify the state.

Similarly, several Congress representatives are also starting to align with Abbott’s stance. Congressman Andy Ogles (R-Tenn.), expressed his support stating, ‘Allow Governor Abbott to execute his responsibilities; this entails erecting the razor wire – I am in unison with Texas. We absolutely need to secure this border.’ He was not alone in his sentiments. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) observed, they are favoring the Mexican drug cartels. They ally with the incursion seeking to destabilize our state. Since President Biden assumed office, we have recorded an influx of about 9.6 million unlawful immigrants…’ This, Cruz insists, is not inadvertent.

Governor Abbott further intensified the discourse, highlighting the opaque identities of many of these individuals crossing into American territory. He stated, ‘This is an invasion by people whose identities and potential threats are unknown.’

This claim lives in the shadow of a two-week standoff between the state and federal government over the authority of a 2.5-mile swath of Texan land. On an occasion last Wednesday afternoon, Governor Abbott issued a resolute statement directly countering the Biden administration’s order to cease actions. Abbott claimed that Texas is within its ‘constitutional right to self-defense.’ He went further to stress the White House’s negligence in fulfilling its duties under the constitution to protect all 50 American states and territories.

Abbott insisted that Texas, like all states, owns a ‘constitutional right to self-defense’ and emphasized that the Federal government was failing to ensure protection from the influx of unauthorized migrants over the past three years, as reported by the Washington Examiner. ‘The Executive Branch of the United States has an obligation to enforce federal laws that safeguard states, including current immigration laws. President Biden has dismissed these laws and even breached them,’ Abbott stated.

Abbott’s frustrations with the Biden administration’s perceived nonchalance towards tightening border controls led him to declare an ‘invasion’ in November 2022. ‘The dereliction of the Biden Administration in upholding the responsibilities dictated by Article IV, § 4 has activated Article I,§ 10, Clause 3, which confers upon this State the inherent right to self-defense,’ he continued. The declaration of an invasion was not an end in itself, but rather a call to arms to permit Texas to exercise its constitutional authority to defend its borders and inhabitants.

Currently serving his third term, the Governor asserted that the unwillingness of the federal government to meet its obligations to shield the state at the international border resulted in Texas choosing to act independently. As such, Texas holds valid legal ground to work around existing laws, as these otherwise necessitate compliance with federal edicts. ‘That authority is the supreme law of the land and is superior to any contrary federal statutes,’ Abbott argued.

The Texas National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety, as well as other state entities, are acting on this authority. These law enforcement bodies and state organizations are thereby enforcing both state law and the supreme law asserting their right to secure the Texas border.

On Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security dispatched a letter to Attorney General Ken Paxton. In this communication, DHS General Counsel Jonathan Meyer rebuked the state for its inaction following the U.S. Supreme Court decision to nullify an appeals court’s injunction. The rescinding of this previous directive allowed federal bodies to dismantle the razor wire fences in Eagle Pass to facilitate the detention and rescue of unauthorized migrants making their way across the Rio Grande.

Meyer also contested the state’s claim concerning the access to Shelby Park, saying, ‘The state has proposed that Shelby Park is accessible to the public; however, we contest the veracity of this assertion.’ This disagreement has heightened the already existing tensions between state and federal authorities, underscoring a complex interplay of jurisdictional disputes and policy divergences.

The border crisis in Texas illustrates an intense point of contention between state and federal governments. It has raised crucial questions about state rights, responsibilities in immigration, and self-defense, challenging White House directives. The escalating disputes, engendered by conflicting immigration enforcement approaches, have amplified demands for a sterner border security stance deemed necessary by Texas.

This widespread disagreement does not seem to have a clear path to an immediate resolution. Governors across the country voice support for Abbott’s actions in Texas, exemplifying a national divide over the correct approach to border security and the conflict between federal and state prerogatives.

Yet, while this debate rages on, Texas is standing strong in its claim to exercise its constitutional rights to self-defense to protect local citizens. The developments on the ground point to an intensified immigration crisis where Texas is insisting on a more aggressive stance towards its own border control.

Governor Greg Abbott’s actions represent a significant push for stricter measures against unlawful entry, casting into stark relief the state’s right to protect its own borders. As other states join in support, the question of balancing federal and state powers in addressing such a complex and delicate challenge remains open-ended.

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