Abbot Reveals Significant Drop in Border Crossings After Razor Wire Fences Installed


Last Sunday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott shared some significant figures relating to the ongoing immigration issue near the U.S southern border, particularly in the vicinity of Eagle Pass. The data revealed a huge decline in daily undocumented crossings—specifically from about 4,000 to a mere trickle of three. This decrease can be tracked back to a recent initiative where the state decided to reinforce its border segment with deterrents like razor wire.

This development has been facilitated by a Supreme Court ruling that retracted a ban, originally inhibiting the federal government from removing the border barriers that Texas had placed at Shelby Park. This specific island was subject to extensive securement carried out by The Texas National Guard as well as the Texas Department of Public Safety, transforming it into a formidable bulwark.

Interactions between Governor Abbott and Maria Bartiromo on the ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ show became the backdrop for this announcement. Abbott emphasized his firm belief in safeguarding the southern border, a stance mirrored by several governors throughout the nation. This unity forms a stark contrast against the backdrop of a perceived inaction on part of the Biden administration.

Abbott reiterated the importance of a state’s right to self-defense, asserting that this notion was receiving considerable support from his counterparts in other states. He pointed out that the razor wire deployment and subsequent curtailment of border crossings provide compelling evidence of the effectiveness of resistance. Particularly in Eagle Pass, Abbott said efforts had led to an unprecedented reduction in crossings.

The numbers have a story of their own to tell. In the past, the area within Eagle Pass saw a staggering 3,000 or 4,000 people crossing daily. With the introduction of the razor-wire barriers, this figure plunged to an average of three per day on recent counts. Abbott fervently believes that his strategy of resistance is the key to managing the border crisis more effectively.

Governor Abbott didn’t hold back in sharing his expectations from the President. He was clear when he said, ‘Joe Biden should not be stopping that.’ His comments reflect a firm belief that not only must states be defensive, but they must also assertively safeguard their borders under the imminent threat of invasion.

He later revealed that the current alliance supporting his initiative includes more than half of the governors in the United States. These leaders share a common belief in the states’ rights of self-defense, particularly when imminent harm or invasion is upon them—a right enshrined in the United States Constitution.

In a significant meeting held on Sunday, Governor Abbott joined 13 of his peers to deliberate on the ongoing crisis. The intensity of the discussion can be gauged by the fact that these leaders collectively hold the view that the federal government’s apparent laxity at the southern border has led to a severe humanitarian crisis.

In times of crisis, strong decisions are needed, and that’s precisely what these determined Republican governors are doing. They’ve taken brave steps to ensure the protection of their states, actions that, in their opinion, surpass those of the President’s administration when it comes to securing the southern border.

The results seem to speak for themselves. The implementation of the razor wire in Texas is proving to work as designed, creating an effective deterrent against undocumented crossings. The people attempting to enter the Lone Star State via unregulated routes are now thinking twice.

Now, the pressing expectation from these governors, spearheaded by Abbott, is for President Biden to follow suit and augment the security measures along the remainder of the U.S.-Mexico border. The goal is to enforce a comprehensive security measure across the entire stretch of 1,954 miles, vastly reducing the possibilities for undocumented entries.

Governor Abbott emphasizes the Eagle Pass success story frequently, rightly proud of the razor wire barricade that has drastically diminished the number of border crossers. ‘The area where we have occupied this park in Eagle Pass, Texas, that we put up the razor wire…,’ he explained to Bartiromo and viewers, ‘…there used to be 3,000 or 4,000 people crossing that area a day.’

Both Abbott and his fellow governors remain steadfast in the view that this razor-wire strategy, proven effective in the context of Texas, should be adopted as broadly as possible. With this approach, they argue, it won’t just be the crossings at Eagle Pass or Texas that experience a downturn, but the entire breadth of the border with Mexico can be significantly secured.

In closing, he specified that in the three days following the introduction of the razor wire, the daily average rate of crossings had fallen to just three. By sharing this data and repeatedly emphasizing the effectiveness of the strategy, both Abbott and his supporters amongst the other governors hope to persuade a broader acceptance of their approach nationwide.

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