After Biden Insults America With 9/11 Insult – Trump Sends Out Bombastic Message

This week commemorates the 22nd Anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Annually, individuals residing in the United States pause to commemorate a sorrowful occasion, paying tribute to the individuals who perished and the valiant individuals who made ultimate sacrifices. Over the course of twenty years, presidents have observed the occasion by paying visits to one of the locations associated with the attacks. However, this year, President Biden will not be present in the states of New York, Washington, or Pennsylvania.

However, he plans to make a stopover in Alaska during his return journey from Asia. It is conceivable that the team overseeing his Asian tour inadvertently overlooked the significance of the 9/11 event, subsequently making hasty arrangements during his stopover to compensate for this oversight. Peter Doocy of Fox News had a query on President Biden’s decision to abstain from visiting a certain location, a practice that has been observed by all previous presidents. The response provided by the White House is as follows.

“When I asked a White House official why it is that President Biden was here and missing the 9/11 commemorations at the attack sites, the analogy that I was given is that 22 years after Pearl Harbor, U.S. presidents were not still going to visit Hawaii,” said Doocy.

Breitbart reports:

Former President Donald Trump honored the thousands of Americans killed in the September 11, 2001, attacks at the hands of Islamic terrorists and praised the heroic first responders who sprung into action.

“No one who lived through the horror of the September 11 terrorist attacks can ever forget the agony and the anguish of that terrible day,” Trump said in a video shared to Truth Social Monday morning.

Despite being confronted with four indictments by members of the Democratic party and a demanding campaign itinerary, Donald Trump managed to allocate time to provide a statement on the anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, actively participated in the rescue and recovery operations after to the assaults. As per documented accounts, he financed the labor force responsible for excavating the debris in order to locate anyone who had managed to survive. As a result of his actions, a total of five firefighters were successfully rescued.

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