Alarming Investigation Update – BAD News For Joe Biden

According to sources interviewed by ABC News, an investigation has been initiated to examine President Joe Biden’s management of classified materials during his extensive tenure in public office.

This inquiry has expanded significantly and now involves a potential pool of up to 100 individuals who may be called upon as witnesses.

The inquiry, overseen by special counsel Robert Hur, has involved interviews with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and other senior officials within the Biden administration who possess insights into the specific details of the president’s management of classified information, his practices regarding note-taking, and the individuals he relied upon to handle such materials.

Over a span of nine months, Hur has made a commitment to carry out an investigation that is “fair, impartial, and dispassionate” He has emphasized the importance of “thoroughly” examining the facts “without fear or favor.”

The White House spokespeople and Bidens personal lawyer have chosen not to provide comments on the investigation.

However, they have already presented a public defense aimed at creating distance between President Biden and the scandal. This scandal has drawn parallels to the criminal probe of former President Donald Trump, which also involved issues related to the retention of classified documents.

Subsequent to the 2022 electoral proceedings, the executive branch of the United States government officially notified the National Archives that a collection of confidential documents had been unearthed within the premises of the Penn Biden Center, situated in Washington, D.C.

This establishment served as the administrative hub for President Biden subsequent to his tenure as vice president. At that particular period, Blinken assumed the role of director of the facility.

After a period of two months, legal counsel to the president discovered further secret documents that were being kept in the garage of their residence in Delaware.

The disclosure prompted the Justice Department to designate Hur as a special counsel to initiate the ongoing investigation.

This decision coincided with President Trump engaging in a series of discussions with the DOJ over the manner and feasibility of returning materials that the National Archives alleged he unlawfully obtained.


Trump asserted that all the materials within his control had been declassified in accordance with the provisions of the Presidential Records Act.

In total, a minimum of 25 documents necessitating the highest level of security clearance have been discovered within regions linked to President Biden.

Biden, who has faced significant challenges, has attempted to minimize the gravity of Hur’s probe. In the aftermath of Hur’s appointment, the incumbent informed journalists “we found a handful of documents” which were “filed in the wrong place” and emphasized their cooperation with the authorities.

Biden, deflecting, expressed “I think you’re going to find there’s nothing there.”

According to a statement made by Biden’s attorney upon Hur’s appointment, they “Are confident that a thorough review will show that these documents were inadvertently misplaced.”

In the current scenario, President Trump is confronted with felony accusations pertaining to the purported mishandling of secret documents that were housed at his property in Mar-a-Lago, located in the state of Florida. Trump’s home was ultimately subjected to a raid conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), during which the directive was issued to deactivate all cameras present in order to ensure privacy and confidentiality throughout the search process.

In other Trump-world news, a legal scholar cautions that Fulton County, Georgia’s District Attorney, Fani Willis, may potentially encounter a precarious situation by pursuing an appeal to transfer a case from her jurisdiction to a federal court, which could be perceived as a “trap.”

The cautionary statement arises subsequent to the initial unsuccessful endeavor by Mark Meadows, the former White House Chief of Staff, to transfer his charges from Willis’ jurisdiction to a federal court.

Consequently, Meadows has lodged an appeal with the 11th Circuit Court, which has requested a concise written submission from Willis expressing her viewpoint on the potential eligibility of federal officials, in a general sense, for the specific form of immunity requested by Meadows, who previously served as a Republican congressman from the state of North Carolina.

According to Anthony Michael Kreis, a professor of law at Georgia State University, in the event that Willis emerges victorious in the review process, such an outcome would be of limited duration and devoid of significance.

Kreis expressed the opinion on the X platform that “I think this is a trap that Fani Willis should not walk into.

The consensus has generally been (and I think correct) that the current status of the defendant does not matter but what does matter is whether the acts that undergird the legal action are related to official duties.”

“Willis should shut this down despite it maybe giving Meadows a defeat,” continued Kreis.

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