Alert Issued After 21 Brutally Murdered In Major US City Over The Weekend

Over the course of the weekend in Chicago, under the leadership of Mayor Brandon Johnson (D), a total of 21 individuals were subjected to firearm injuries, resulting in three fatalities.

The news station ABC 7, based in Chicago, is a prominent source of information and news in the region. According to a report by the Sun-Times, the initial fatality of the weekend took place at approximately 4:40 p.m. on Saturday. The victim, identified as Baltazar Gonzalez Jr., aged 23, was shot and succumbed to his injuries while positioned on a sidewalk in the specific area known as the “3400-block of West 24th Street.”

Mr. Gonzalez was expeditiously transported to a medical facility, where he was subsequently declared deceased.

Two individuals were fatally shot on Sunday morning, one in the University Village district and the other in the Heart of Chicago neighborhood.

The deceased individual found in University Village was observed to be non-responsive within a motor vehicle at approximately 2:40 a.m. The individual had sustained a gunshot wound to their behind region.

According to a report from FOX 32, the individual who was fatally shot in the Heart of Chicago neighborhood was identified as a 21-year-old male. The individual sustained gunshot wounds to the posterior thoracic region and cervical region. The individual was found prone on the pavement by law enforcement officials, while eyewitnesses reported the hasty departure of a dark-hued Sports Utility Vehicle subsequent to the discharge of gunfire.

According to a report from the Sun-Times, a total of 465 fatalities were recorded in Chicago from January 1, 2023, through October 15, 2023.

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