All Hell Breaks Loose With Fox News Host and Gaetz After Major Accusation

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) questioned the “wins” that House Republicans have truly achieved since taking the majority in January, launching a fierce attack on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

Gaetz sparred with Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo in a raucous interview on Sunday Morning Futures. Bartiromo claimed in her opening monologue that Gaetz is “disrupt[ing] the Republican wins” by opposing temporary solutions to finance the government.

“If you’re saying that I’m standing in the way of all the Republican wins, I’d love you to enumerate them,” Gaetz said.

Republicans are moving forward with their investigation of President Joe Biden, according to Bartiromo, and Gaetz’s actions are just slowing down that progress.

“Tell me why you are threatening Speaker McCarthy and trying to shut down this government at a time that the Republicans have finally gotten some upper hands here in terms of wins, able to investigate President Biden on what looks like bribery,” Bartiromo said.

“We don’t put our pencils down in the investigation of President Biden during a shutdown,” Gaetz replied. “So the premise is false. Second, if Kevin McCarthy was actually serious about pursuing the Bidens, he would have sent Hunter Biden a subpoena by now. That’s how, you know, this is sort of failure theater that you’re observing.”

“To push now to blow up all of the wins that you all have had—” Bartiromo said, before Gaetz intejected.

“Which wins?” Gaetz said. “Please enumerate them.”

“How about the fact that he has set up a weaponization committee to investigate the DOJ, whether they’re involved in a cover up?” Bartiromo said. “How about the fact that he has set up the China Select Committee to keep China to account? And of course, he has launched this inquiry into impeachment potentially for President Biden. Is that not what you want?”

Congressman from Florida disagreed with the idea that Republicans ought to take their “victories” into account.

“None of those things are deliverables,” Gaetz said. “Those are steps in a process. Setting up a committee is an end unto itself only in Washington, D.C. The American people demand results.”

Gaetz added, “We’re playing patty cake with the Bidens. We’re allowing them to get away with it and we’re funding it. We’re sending the money. If we were serious, use the power of the purse.”

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