American Citizen Thanks Trump for Helping Him and His Wife Escape Israel War


An American citizen is expressing gratitude towards Donald Trump for his assistance during a challenging time in Israel. Yitz Friedman, a representative from the American Accountability Foundation in Washington, recently found himself in Israel as Hamas launched a surprise attack involving numerous rockets, resulting in the tragic loss of over 1,000 lives, including 11 Americans. In a heartfelt post on the X platform, Friedman thanked President Trump for his crucial role in helping him return safely to the United States.

He acknowledged that most airlines had suspended flights, but fortunately, Emirates continued to operate, enabling Friedman and his wife to travel from Tel Aviv, passing through armed military checkpoints, and ultimately arriving safely in Dubai to catch their connecting flight home.

Friedman emphasized the significance of the Abraham Accords, an extraordinary peace agreement facilitated by the former president, which enabled him to fly from Israel to the United Arab Emirates. Without this historic agreement, such a journey would have been inconceivable.

Friedman expressed his amazement at being able to fly to a friendly Arab nation when even American airlines were hesitant to do so, particularly during a time of war.

He concluded by highlighting the positive impact of the peace agreement, noting that despite the turmoil in the Middle East, Trump’s efforts had provided a way for thousands of American citizens to return safely from a highly dangerous situation, making things a little better.

During Trump’s presidency in August 2020, the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem shared photos of the inaugural flight between Israel and the UAE. These flights marked a significant milestone, demonstrating the progress achieved through the Trump administration’s diplomatic initiatives.

Notable figures such as National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien and White House advisor Jared Kushner, alongside Israeli officials, were part of the delegation on this momentous flight.

The Western Journal reported that the Abraham Accords were formally signed the following month at the White House, with Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Bahrain Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani, and UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyani all putting pen to paper.

Highlighting this achievement on his Truth Social platform, Trump reminded his followers that it was his administration that brokered this historic peace deal. He expressed confidence in his ability to replicate similar agreements if he were to win the upcoming presidential election.

Trump firmly asserted his commitment to keeping Israel safe and declared that he possessed a unique understanding of all the influential figures involved in the region. Meanwhile, during a recent campaign event in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, he contrasted his term as president, characterized by peace through strength, with the current state of weakness, conflict, and chaos.

Trump firmly believed that if he were still president, the tragic events witnessed in Israel would have been averted.

The Trump administration’s achievements in the Middle East throughout its four-year term were substantial. Some notable highlights include recognizing Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel and promptly relocating the American Embassy there. Additionally, Trump acknowledged Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights and affirmed that Israeli settlements in the West Bank do not breach international law.

The administration also brokered historic peace agreements between Israel and Arab-Muslim countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan. Moreover, a ground-breaking deal was reached for Kosovo to establish diplomatic relations with Israel. Trump also announced that Serbia would move its embassy to Jerusalem, a declaration symbolizing a significant milestone.

Notably, President Trump became the first American leader to address a gathering of leaders from over 50 Muslim nations, facilitating an enduring agreement to combat terrorism in all forms. Exhibiting commitment to this cause, the Etidal Center was established in collaboration with the Saudi Arabian government, aiming to combat terrorism in the Middle East.

In addition, the Vision for Peace Political Plan presented a two-state solution, eliminating risks to Israel’s security posed by Palestinian statehood; it marked the first time Israel agreed to a map and recognized the existence of a Palestinian state. Furthermore, an economic plan was introduced to empower the Palestinian people and enhance their governance through historic private investment.

In summary, an American citizen expressed deep appreciation to Donald Trump for his assistance during the challenging circumstances in Israel. Through the facilitation of the Abraham Accords, the former president enabled individuals like Yitz Friedman to fly safely from Israel to the United Arab Emirates amid the ongoing conflict.

Friedman’s heartfelt message conveyed gratitude for the extraordinary peace agreement, which allowed American citizens to return home from a perilous situation. Trump’s dedication to ensuring Israel’s safety and his extensive diplomatic achievements in the Middle East marked a defining legacy of his presidency.

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