American Traditions Bear the Brunt of Biden’s Inflation this July 4th

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), this year’s Independence Day festivities will bear the weight of the swelling inflation, making them pricier than usual for our fellow Americans. The specter of inflation has been a constant ordeal for our citizens during President Joe Biden’s first term. It’s a sobering reality evident in the consumer price index (CPI), which has skyrocketed by an astonishing 20% since 2021.

Regrettably, the grip of inflation has not loosened on the commodities that Americans traditionally enjoy on our beloved Fourth of July. AFBF recently released its analysis, and the findings may indeed paint our national holiday in less vibrant colors. The cherished pastime of grilling succulent meals is now a more expensive endeavor.

On average, the simple pleasure of savoring two pounds of ground beef at your family barbeque will set us back about $12.77. We have observed an 11% increase from last year’s prices. Moreover, the humble, yet necessary, hamburger buns have climbed by 7% in the last year.

Likewise, the refreshing tang of a 2.5 quart bottle of lemonade, a traditional accompaniment to our grand feast, now costs around $4.19, marking a 12% surge. The joy of enjoying a juicy portion of pork chops, a staple of the American barbeque, has escalated by nearly 8% to almost $15.50.

An all-time favorite snack, the crunch of a 16-ounce bag of potato chips, now comes at an inflated price. With an 8% rise, it now costs roughly $4.90. The silver lining remains elusive as we navigate the price hikes, impacting even the most mundane aspects of our Independence Day celebration.

Still, amidst this gloomy financial climate, there is a flickering light of hope for barbeque enthusiasts. The average cost of two pounds of chicken breast, another crowd favorite at any gathering, has seen a price drop of 4%. And, surprisingly, our favorite summer side dish, the comforting potato salad, has dipped slightly in price by approximately 4%.

However, those looking forward to indulging in a sweet retreat after a hearty meal may face disappointment. Some deserts have experienced a price surge, casting a shadow over the positive shift in prices for savory items such as chicken and potato salad. The cost of a 13 ounce pack of chocolate chip cookies, for instance, has inflated by 2%.

Embodying the spirit of summer, a half-gallon tub of ice cream has also seen a no insignificant increase of about 7% compared to last year. We can attribute this change to the relentless grasp of inflation, even reaching into our soothing desserts. It seems it has become an unavoidable reality that some of the simple pleasures of our beloved national holiday now come with a heavier cost.

Furthermore, the freedom to hit the road and visit loved ones or favored locations for this long holiday weekend experiences its fair share of inflationary pressure. According to AAA data, the national average price for a gallon of gas sits at a striking $3.51. Although this is a far cry from 2022’s towering price of $4.80 per gallon, it translates to roughly a dollar more per gallon than what we were paying in January 2020, pre-pandemic.

This considerable increase occurred despite the momentary calm brought about by the pandemic’s initial shock. It is a pained reminder of the economic and political turbulence experienced across our nation, marking a clear divergence from the more comfortable pre-pandemic gas prices we remember fondly.

Lastly, those who enjoy the satisfying tradition of pairing their burgers and hot dogs with a chilled beer will also feel the sting of inflation. Burgers and hot dogs have seen prices rising by approximately 7%, but even the average cost of that satisfying brew has surged by around 3%, as per Quartz’s findings.

Taken collectively, these figures paint a challenging picture for the upcoming July 4th celebration. Independence Day, a time for communal enjoyment and deep appreciation of our country’s rich history, now comes with a heavier financial load for the everyday American.

We cannot ignore the economic challenges presently encountered by our fellow Americans. This unsettling wave of inflation forces us to confront the financial realities underpinning our most cherished traditions. As we look forward to celebrating this Independence Day, despite the price hikes, we continue to stand strong in unity, reflecting the resilient spirit that forms the backbone of our great nation.

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