Angela Chao’s Passing: A Wake-up Call on the Dangers of Drinking and Driving

A high-profile chief executive in the shipping sector, Angela Chao, tragically lost her life last month in Texas after her car plunged into a pond. The tragic episode transpired under the influence of excessive alcohol, as per a recent report from the Blanco County Sheriff’s Office. Labelled as an unfortunate misfortune, the report noted Chao’s blood alcohol concentration was nearly triple the legal limit as allowed by the state.

The incident took place on the fateful night of February 10, a night that began with a warm gathering and dinner with an expansive group of friends. The rather rural setting of a ranch near Johnson City, located to the west of Austin, was where Chao spent her final hours. The tranquility of the locale was disrupted when Chao’s Tesla found its way into a nearby pond.

Her vehicle, a Tesla, miscued and moved back into the water close to a guest house on the ranch, painted a frantic scene that unfolded. Swift efforts by those present and deputies ensued to extract Chao form her sinking car. As the vehicle slipped further into the depths, Chao was still inside, leading to a desperate struggle for rescue.

In her final moments, Angela Chao managed to contact her friend Amber Keinan at 11:42 p.m., trapped inside her vehicle as it began to submerge. The next 8 minutes were filled with fear and helplessness as Chao explained her dire predicament. The misfortune was magnified by her telling Keinan that the car was sinking, and she was facing an imminent and unavoidable fate.

With love in her voice and acceptance in her heart, Chao conveyed her love to her friend, as shared in the report. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, she made her final adieus to Keinan. Her fearless confession of impending doom prompted immediate rescue attempts by those present.

In desperation to bring her to safety, friends plunged into the water while another made a rushed journey toward the vehicle in a kayak. The severity of the situation prompted a 911 call at 11:55 p.m., with the caller managing to stay on the line dispensing critical information for an extended 11-minute call.

Upon their arrival, emergency services including sheriff deputies and firefighters, sprang into action. Determined attempts were made to access the submerged Tesla, perpetuating the aerial feeling of urgency. They managed to penetrate the car by breaking the window on the driver’s side, initiating the extraction process.

In the swirling darkness and confusion, a deputy found and secured Chao’s hand. With the help of multiple attending emergency crews, Chao was pulled from her car. Unfortunately, despite such valiant efforts, she was pronounced deceased upon reaching the shore. The time of death was confirmed as 1:40 a.m. on February 11.

Subsequent toxicological investigations produced decisive, albeit unfortunate, results. The official report revealed a high blood alcohol concentration of 0.233 grams per 100 milliliters, placing it significantly above Texas’s legal limit of 0.08. The array of events leading to the incident paints a solemn picture of Chao’s final hours.

Angela Chao was a profound executive figure in her family’s business venture, the Foremost Group, helming the operations as the chair and CEO. Astonishingly, her responsibilities didn’t end here. She was also the president of her father’s charitable establishment, the Foremost Foundation, making notable contributions to her community.

Residing in Austin, about 50 miles east of Blanco County, she was a cherished member of her community. As the youngest of six sisters in an immigrant family from China who moved to the U.S. in the late 1950s, Chao’s absence resonates deeply. She was a beacon of success, a representative of the Asian-American community.

In the aftermath of Angela Chao’s departure, the loss felt by her family has been profound. Her father, James S.C. Chao, conveyed that her Chinese name echoed the terms peace and prosperity. With her passing, a void has been created, not just in the hearts of her family but the entire Asian-American community.

In acknowledging the invaluable contribution of Angela, her father assumed the position of chairman of the Foremost Group following her demise. In addition, Michael Lee, another accomplished executive and former president, assumed the role of the president. These changes reflect the legacy that Chao left behind.

Angela Chao is survived by her husband, her father, and her four sisters. Her untimely and tragic death has left them along with countless others mourning the unexpected loss. Despite the unfavorable circumstances that led to her death, Angela’s memory and her contributions will continue to bear weight in hearts and memories of those who knew her.

While the tragedy has resulted in the loss of an influential figure in the business and philanthropic sectors, it also conveys a cautionary reminder about the devastating consequences of driving under the influence. It’s a poignant tale of a night that started with celebrations but ended in an unfortunate tragedy, permanently marking February 10 with profound sorrow.

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