AOC Faces Criticism for Remarks Supporting Palestinians at NYC Rally


Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) faced criticism from a political party she aligns with over her participation in a pro-Palestinian rally in New York City.

The rally, organized by the city’s Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) just a day after Hamas launched a deadly attack on Israel, aimed to express solidarity with the Palestinian people.

However, AOC’s remarks at the rally didn’t sit well with the DSA. She spoke out against hatred and antisemitism, emphasizing the importance of unity and rejecting both Hamas’ attacks and the injustices faced by Palestinians under occupation.

In response to the criticism, Nadia Tykulsker, a member of the NYC DSA’s steering committee, explained that the rally was organized at the request of a coalition partner. The DSA’s belief in equality and justice for all Palestinians and Israelis motivated their involvement.

Tykulsker also acknowledged that continued warfare would claim more lives. It is worth noting that one of the key defense systems Israel utilized to protect its citizens from Hamas’ rocket attacks, the Iron Dome, received partial funding from the United States, although this decision was met with opposition from AOC and other left-wing members of Congress.

AOC’s opposition to funding the Iron Dome once again garnered attention in the wake of the recent Hamas attacks. Rockets from Gaza overwhelmed the Iron Dome, resulting in many casualties.

Back in September 2021, AOC displayed her frustration and disappointment when Congress passed a measure allocating $1 billion for the development of the Iron Dome system.

This measure received overwhelming support, passing with a vote of 420 to 9. However, AOC criticized the rushed voting process, arguing that it lacked the necessary committee debate and regular order.

She expressed concerns about the unconditional aid the US provides to the Israeli government and called for greater scrutiny of military funding worldwide.

The emotional impact of these decisions was evident when AOC broke down in tears on the Congress floor. She wept not only for the lack of care shown towards those affected by these choices but also for the institution’s tendency to prioritize political convenience over thoughtful consideration.

AOC’s tears symbolized her frustration with her party’s seemingly insufficient regard for its most vulnerable members and communities. She highlighted the death threats and dangerous vitriol the members of her party often faced when addressing sensitive political matters and stressed the importance of taking time to foster understanding before making hasty decisions.

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