AOC Opposes US-Funded Iron Dome System that Protects Israel from Hamas Attacks


The Iron Dome anti-missile system, currently being employed by Israel to safeguard its cities and citizens from hostile rocket and missile attacks orchestrated by Hamas, was partly funded by the United States. Notably, this decision did not receive the approval of one of Congress’s most progressive members, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

The opposition by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has reemerged in the spotlight after the recent barrage of rockets launched by Hamas, resulting in significant casualties and destruction. In September 2021, AOC expressed her discontent on the floor of Congress when lawmakers passed a measure allocating $1 billion for Israel’s continued development of the Iron Dome system.

It is worth mentioning that this measure received overwhelming support, as it passed with a vote of 420 to 9.

During an interview with People Magazine a week following the vote, AOC conveyed her frustration and disappointment with the situation. In her remarks, she highlighted her disapproval of the bill being hastily brought to a vote without the typical committee debate, markup, or regular order that usually accompanies such legislation.

Furthermore, she expressed concerns about the long-standing unconditional aid provided by the U.S. to the Israeli government and called for greater scrutiny of all military funding globally.

Reflecting on her emotional response, AOC admitted to shedding tears due to the lack of consideration for the individuals affected by these decisions. She criticized the institution’s prioritization of political convenience over the well-being of vulnerable and endangered communities.

While AOC’s actions drew criticism from fellow liberals, including MSNBC opinion writer and editor Zeeshan Aleem, who deemed them a strategic mistake and an inconsistent approach to defining her political identity, others speculated on her motives.

Aleem conjectured that her tearful reaction and decision to vote ‘present’ instead of ‘no,’ along with other members of the Squad, potentially stemmed from her concern for her political future. Aleem postulated that should AOC aspire to higher office, her stance on Israel would face close scrutiny and could be exploited as a divisive issue.

Nonetheless, he believed that a last-minute vote change and emotional display would not convince fervent pro-Israel voters or the American Israeli Public Action Committee of her unwavering support for settlements. From their perspective, AOC’s vote appeared equivocal, indicating emotional distress rather than a firm position.

Meanwhile, the United States continues to provide substantial military support to Israel, underscoring the country’s unwavering commitment to its security. Amid the recent escalation of hostilities after Hamas’s attack, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group was being deployed to the Eastern Mediterranean.

This move aims to deter any hostile actions against Israel and prevent the conflict from further escalating. Austin emphasized that these reinforcements serve as a clear message of the United States’ steadfast dedication to Israel’s security and its unwavering resolve to discourage any state or non-state actor from escalating the ongoing war.

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