Arnold Schwarzenegger Drops 8-Word Atom Bomb On Dems

Ahead of his upcoming visit on Rob Lowe’s Literally podcast, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the hero of the Terminator, provided a sobering assessment of what Democrats stand for, claiming that they want to destroy every American city.

Lowe discusses former California Republican Congressman David Dreier, who left office in 2013, in the part that Mediaite covered. According to Lowe, Dreier once stated Republican values.

Republicans support “in no particular order, strong military, low taxes, less government, more personal freedoms,” according to Drier, who then mentioned that he was forgetting one, Lowe informed Schwarzenegger.

Then, Schwarzenegger reminded Lowe that “Strong law enforcement” is the ideal that is lacking.

The former Republican governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was then questioned by Lowe about what he believed Democrats stood for.

Without hesitation, Schwarzenegger answered, “Ruin your cities.”

The actor from Predator went on to say, “That’s what the Democrats would say.” Our goal is to demolish the cities. We intend to f*ck up every American city. That appears to be the current topic.

In response to a startled Lowe’s question about why that might be, Schwarzenegger said, “I have no idea.”

In fact, deep blue Democratic regimes control almost all of America’s major cities, and they are all utterly failing. America’s cities are in dire straits, beset by debt and crime, soaring rates of carjackings and murders, and a vast exodus of residents and businesses seeking better opportunities elsewhere.

Many have criticized Schwarzenegger for his brand of Republicanism even if he self-identifies as a Republican. His radical left views include being pro-abortion, pro-mask wearing, pro-coronavirus vaccine, and he has been recorded advocating climate change panic. In 2021, he even told People magazine that Trump’s government was similar to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party.

Furthermore, despite his talk of “freedom,” the Commando star told conservatives in 2021 to “screw your freedom” when they rebelled against government orders to wear COVID-19 masks, get vaccinations, and close their businesses and schools during the peak of the virus pandemic.

In spite of everything, Schwarzenegger maintained that he still feels a connection to the Republican Party in a recent interview with the New York Times.

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