Behind the Scenes of the Hunter Biden Alleged Drug Scandal and Firearm Procurement


Recently, a significant slew of information, including various texts and images, have surfaced from the iPhone of Hunter Biden, corresponding to a timeline that aligns with his procurement of a firearm. These materials appear to exhibit indications of substance abuse. This son of the President faces a Department of Justice investigation for suspicion that he may have falsely declared on the federal firearms background check form that he was not engaged in the use or addiction of illegal substances.

The Justice Department’s 10-page document presents compelling evidence, including electronic exchanges and snapshots from the timeframe before and after the firearm acquisition. The materials scrutinized suggest a potential involvement of Hunter Biden with drug usage. The document reads: ‘Leading up to October 12, 2018 (when the gun purchase occurred), the subject took pictures of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia with his phone. Consistently prior to the firearm acquisition, the subject often exchanged messages about procuring drugs.’

It is noted in the Department of Justice document that on October 13, 2018, and October 14, 2018, significant dates following the purchase of the firearm, Hunter Biden texted his romantic partner about a rendezvous with a person selling illicit substances and engaging in substance abuse.

A particular text sent on October 13, 2018, reads that Hunter Biden was ‘waiting for a drug dealer named Mookie at a location behind a blue rocks stadium off MD Ave’. Similarly, on October 14, 2018, he sent a message stating, ‘I was smoking crack on 4th Street and Rodney while sleeping on a car,’ a location identifier indicating a spot in Wilmington.

Moving forward in the timeline, on October 23, 2018, Hunter Biden sent a text: ‘You’re being completely irresponsible and unhinged. This is serious, not a game. Are you out of your mind?’. A subsequent text references a previous encounter with federal law enforcement in reference to the handgun and questions the recipient’s sanity about their ability to assist him becoming sober.

He also noted in another text that the said firearm had been poorly disposed of in a dumpster behind a grocery store during the day by the recipient. He argued in his message, ‘[The gun] was in a locked automobile located on a different property’. Responding to this, the recipient voiced their concern for Hunter’s safety and contested his assertion, stating that the vehicle was ‘unlocked and windows down’ and that ‘kids search your car’.

The dialogue continued with the recipient telling Hunter that his denial of personal issues was substantial and that he reacted immaturely by blaming others for his issues while habitually running away. The conversational partner, identified as Hallie, conveyed her regret for her earlier actions but emphasized Hunter’s refusal to acknowledge his circumstances and her desire to see him safely out of harm’s way.

As the conversation escalated, Hallie suggested that his constant avoidance and unwillingness to engage in personal development were indications of his cowardice and avoidance of self-reflection. She further revealed her assumption of him likely to abandon her due to his recurring issues. ‘You often demonstrate your inability to stay and actually work on yourself,’ she admonished.

On November 21, 2018, Hunter responded to these accusations with a declaration of his worth. ‘Regardless of my crack smoking, I am a far better man than any man you know,’ he firmly maintained. Attempting to divert blame, he expressed his stance on November 29, 2018: ‘I do not attribute my addiction to you.’

In the concluding texts provided in the Department of Justice’s document, directed towards an unspecified ‘Person 2’, Hunter admitted to suffering from addiction. His message contained some spelling errors and stated: ‘I will become sober when I decide to become sober.’

In the same timeframe, Hunter faced three distinct firearms-related indictments from a grand jury, revolving around the procurement of the weapon and his statements on the relevant form. Adopting a defensive stance, he pleaded ‘not guilty’ to the court in response to these charges.

Fast forward to last month, two committees within the Republican-controlled House concurred to reissue subpoenas to Hunter regarding his contempt of Congress, given his failure to adhere to previous subpoenas released in mid-December.

ABC News reported that Chairmen Jim Jordan of Ohio (House Judiciary Committee) and James Comer of Kentucky (House Oversight Committee), shared their intent to dispense fresh subpoenas after reaching an agreement with Hunter’s lawyer, Abby Lowell. Through her, Hunter conceded to share his account behind closed doors.

Earlier that month, a session of the Oversight Committee erupted into a disruptive feud between party representatives. This contentious situation unfolded as an unprecedented event occurred in the form of Hunter’s unexpected appearance in the gallery at the back of the hearing room.

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