Ben Carson Discussed with Trump What they Can do to “Save this Country’


Ex-Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, recently shared a discussion he had with former President Donald Trump, speaking on their collective efforts ‘to save this country.’ During the 2016 presidential race, Carson was also in the running for the Republican nomination, but the ultimate victor was Trump, who consequently went on to win the general election.

Assessing the current state of the nation, Carson expressed his concern, depicting the United States as ‘in trouble.’ Questions were raised regarding whether Trump had ever considered Carson as a potential vice presidential candidate. Carson continued his observations by attributing the troubling state of affairs to the current Biden administration.

In Carson’s viewpoint, President Biden’s administration is guilty of ‘compromising’ the Justice Department, using it as a tool ‘to injure your opponents politically’. This comment comes with the backdrop of Trump hinting towards employing similar strategies to retaliate against his opponents in a potential 2024 run, should he secure the victory. As Trump voiced this, Carson remarked, ‘Those are not things that are supposed to occur in this country. And we should be alarmed, and I think the American people are alarmed.’

Amidst the conversation, the question of Trump’s support in the black community was brought up. Carson confirmed, ‘Absolutely. I used to go to places and be the only black face — Not anymore. Not by a long shot.’ This sentiment is founded on his belief that the Trump administration had the interests of black America at heart, as evidenced by the policies enacted to benefit this demographic. Carson recognizes that the initiatives, hbcu support, and opportunities provided were ‘extremely positive’.

According to Carson, these efforts by the Trump administration are making an impression on the black community, with increasing support evident. ‘I think people are starting to recognize if that the Trump Administration was on the side of black America. The things that they enact ad were extremely positive. The opportunities, hbcu support, all of these things were fantastic, and I think he’s going to have a lot of black support this time,’ Carson responded.

A broader question that arises as we look forward to 2024 is, if Trump secures the GOP nomination, who will be his chosen running mate? Conjectures are already brewing based on a study noted by The Messenger, who conversed with twelve noteworthy Republicans, a few of whom are advisors to Trump. Following these discussions, the list of probable running mates is anticipated to be short and discerning.

It has been speculated that Trump may be veering towards a female candidate for his vice president and running mate. This speculation has pegged two women with high profiles—South Dakota’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem and House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik—as likely candidates.

Governor Noem, a vocal supporter of Trump, had endorsed him during a campaign rally in her state in the previous September. This endorsement revved up speculations concerning the crucial role Noem might play if Trump decides to run for the presidency the third time. Trump, during an interview in mid-September, expressed profound admiration for Noem, stating, ‘I think she’s fantastic. She’s been a great governor.’

On his appreciation for Noem, Trump added, ‘She gave me a very full-throated endorsement—a beautiful endorsement, actually. It’s been a very good state for me, and certainly, she would be one of the people I would consider, or for something else, maybe. We have a lot of great people in the Republican Party.’ Adding to the speculation, Trump underlined how Noem’s endorsement enhanced his image in South Dakota and added that she would definitely feature among his considerations.

Elise Stefanik lends another interesting angle to this scenario. She has grown in stature within the GOP ranks to become the fourth-most influential Republican in the chamber. Ever since the conference ostracized Trump critic and former Rep. Liz Cheney last year, Stefanik has maintained her position as a staunch supporter of Trump.

Adding an intriguing twist to the speculation drama is the standpoint of former First Lady Melania Trump. Certain sources reveal that she sees potential in Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to be Trump’s running mate. ‘Here’s an interesting twist: Melania Trump is an advocate for picking Tucker Carlson, the booted Fox News star. She thinks Carlson would make a powerful onstage extension of her husband,’ reports suggest.

The potential selection of Carlson appears to be met with skepticism from some quarters in Trump sphere, however. It’s been reported that ‘many people close to Trump have dismissed the idea of Tucker Carlson because they believe he would never choose someone who could surpass him. And Trump’s staff is convinced that Carlson can’t be controlled.’ Despite these doubts, it’s known that there is a strong line of communication between Trump and Carlson.

With changing dynamics and an evolving political landscape, the questions around Trump’s potential running mate continue to multiply. Each aforementioned possibility brings a unique set of advantages and challenges to the table, thus making the prediction task difficult and the waiting game more intriguing.

While the decision awaits, the swirling speculations reflect the complexities and intricacies of political strategizing and selection processes. Heading into the 2024 elections, these contemplations indicate the contested and profound choices that await Trump, should he make another bid for presidency.

Regardless of the final choice, this process illustrates the importance of a precise and comprehensive understanding of U.S. political dynamics. It underscores how potential nominations, VP selections, and consultations intersect and influence national politics and the future policies shaping our country.

In conclusion, as we approach the 2024 election cycle, the probability of Trump running again hangs in the air. If he does, his choice of running mate remains a guessing game. But it is clear that, whoever he chooses, will play a significant role in shaping the Republican landscape for years to come.

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