BEWARE: Hamas Issues Global Warning For FRIDAY

According to reports, Hamas, the terrorist organization responsible for the horrific and destructive attack on Israel over the weekend, is encouraging protests on Friday all around the world to support its anti-Semitic terrorism. Experts have pointed out that there are more and more terrorists and potential terrorists breaking the law to enter the United States.

JUST IN: In New York City, a Muslim man made a threat to all non-believers.

“We’re done being tortured and hurt and judged. This is the correct religion. This is the religion that all of humanity needs to be  — Islam.”

“We will not stop until it enters every home. So I want you…

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) October 9, 2023

“The Hamas terror group calls for mass rallies in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and throughout the Arab and Muslim world on Friday in support of its fight against Israel,” the Times of Israel reported on Tuesday. However, Hamas’s actual remarks suggest that he wants pro-jihad demonstrations held anywhere in the world—not just in Israel or other Muslim nations.

Hamas, cited by the site, called for “Palestinians” living abroad and “the free people of our Arab and Islamic nation all over the world” to unite in support of their terrorist attacks, which resulted in the beheading of infants, the murder of entire families, the kidnapping of numerous civilians, and the deaths of over 1,200 Israelis. In an attempt to stop “Israeli plans to Judaize Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa,” Hamas called on Muslims to gather in “the closest point to Jerusalem.” Naturally, Jerusalem served as the capital of the Jews for several millennia prior to the creation of Islam, but extremist Muslims aren’t rational; instead, they are driven by irrational hatred.

Additionally, it has been stated that Hamas instructed Arab Israelis in particular to gather near the Temple Mount’s Al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem to stop Jews from allegedly “desecrating it” and “building on it.” Palestinians in the West Bank were urged to “rise up and go out in roaring crowds” and to combat Israeli “settlers” and soldiers.

From Australia to Canada to the United States, we have already witnessed Muslim organizations and/or individuals from all over the world applaud Hamas and/or make threats that non-Muslims in their nations will be the next. This occurs as some media personalities draw attention to the quantity of terrorists and would-be terrorists who are entering the country through the southern border due to Joe Biden’s border problem. Biden has already contributed heavily to the terrorist attack on Israel. Is he causing this similar situation here as well?

BLM went full mask-off today.

We always called them a domestic terror group. Glad to see them finally admit it.

Keep in mind this is from the official BLM chapters in LA and Chicago:

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) October 10, 2023

74,904 illegal aliens nationwide have been marked by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as possible threats to national security (because of their ties to terrorist organizations). However, as of the most recent fiscal year, Border Patrol had only seen 3,675 of these illegals, compared to 25,627 in 2021. That’s not a very encouraging rise.

On October 9, Bill Melugin, national correspondent for Fox News, observed on X (Twitter) the number of terrorist attempts made under Biden’s presidency.

Border Patrol arrests of suspects on the FBI’s terror watchlist at the southern border:

FY’23 – 151 (so far).
FY’22 – 98
FY’21 – 15
FY’20 – 3
FY’19 – 0
FY’18 – 6
FY’17 – 2

There have also been over 1.5 million *known* gotaways since start of 2021, enough to fill 16 Rose Bowls.

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) October 9, 2023

Put another way, there’s a good chance that a sizable number of terrorists have entered the country without being detected by Border Patrol.

Melugin went on to draw attention to the rise in “special interest aliens” that CBP had recorded throughout the previous two years. On October 10, he said on X (Twitter): “NEW: Internal CBP data provided & confirmed by CBP sources reveals thousands of “special interest aliens” from mostly Middle Eastern countries have been apprehended by Border Patrol.” He included the following list.

NEW: Internal CBP data provided & confirmed by CBP sources reveals thousands of “special interest aliens” from mostly Middle Eastern countries have been apprehended by Border Patrol while crossing into U.S. illegally over last 2 years.

Syria: 538
Yemen: 139
Iran: 659
Iraq: 123…

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) October 10, 2023

If Democratic leaders believe they would be unaffected by a future terrorist revolt that resembles 9/11 on steroids, they ought to reconsider. After all, the Pentagon was one of the targets hit on 9/11, and the U.S. Capitol would likely have been another successfully targeted by terrorists if not for the incredible bravery of the Americans on Flight 93. We must take the terrible nightmare that has befallen Israel to heart and endeavor to stop a jihadi insurrection in the United States.

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