Biden Busted By GOP Making Sneaky Move with His Line of Succession

The United States Constitution continues to be ridiculed by Joe Biden’s dumpster-fire presidency, highlighting the fact that a motley group of inept stooges are in charge of the White House.

In the most recent transgression, Biden came under fire for deceitfully adding a temporary Cabinet member to the presidential succession.

Sen. Katie Britt, a Republican from Alabama, chastised him in a harsh statement released on Wednesday for violating the Constitution by wrongfully promoting interim Labor Secretary Julie Su to the position of succession.

“The Biden Administration continues to attempt to rule by unilateral decree rather than govern with the advice and consent of Congress,” Britt said.

Su is a temporary department head who hasn’t been confirmed by the Senate, the senator, an attorney on the Senate Rules Committee, pointed out.

Su “doesn’t even have adequate support from members of her own party in the Senate to be confirmed as Secretary of Labor,” Britt wrote.

She schortched the Biden administration for “seemingly asserting both that it can freely ignore the will of the Senate by keeping Ms. Su in place indefinitely as Acting Secretary, and that Ms. Su could instantaneously ascend from her current role to serve as President of the United States.”

The senator emphasized that an officer who is “appointed, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate” is the only one who can become president while serving in the Cabinet.

Despite the Senate declining to confirm Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su these past 218 days (and counting), the White House now lists her in the presidential line of succession. I led 29 colleagues in demanding an explanation.

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— Senator Katie Boyd Britt (@SenKatieBritt) October 18, 2023

Su is ranked ninth among executive branch nominees to the presidency on the White House website, should Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and the seven Cabinet officials ranked above her be unable to hold the office. (The vice president is first in line of succession, followed by the speaker of the House and the president pro tempore of the Senate.)

It’s interesting to see that CIA Director William Burns, Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg are all placed lower than the interim labor secretary.

Britt and 29 of her Senate colleagues sent a sharply worded letter to President Biden on Tuesday, expressing their “grave concerns” over the Su move.

He was reminded in the letter that “Congress has the authority to set the presidential line of succession beyond the Vice President—a power that it exercised with passage of the Presidential Succession Act of 1947—pursuant to Article II of the Constitution.”

Additionally, it emphasized that Biden cannot arbitrarily and unilaterally insert anyone into the presidential line of succession.

“As you are well aware, since March 14, 2023, the United States Senate has declined to confirm Ms. Su’s nomination as Secretary of Labor, and she continues to lack adequate support from both Republican and Democratic members of the Senate to be confirmed to that position,” the letter said.

“While you and your Administration have clearly decided to ignore congressional intent in keeping Ms. Su in place in her current role, it would be unfortunate if you have decided to further discount congressional intent — and violate the law — by taking the position that Ms. Su is eligible for placement in the presidential line of succession,” it said.

Julie Su has neither been elected by the American people nor confirmed to a Cabinet post by the people’s elected representatives. Yet, this Administration now suggests she can instantaneously be elevated to the Presidency of the United States.

— Senator Katie Boyd Britt (@SenKatieBritt) October 18, 2023

The senators denounced Biden for his heinously authoritarian action and urged him to replace Su as Labor Secretary nominee with someone who can secure enough support from both parties to be confirmed by the Senate.

“It is unimaginable to think that this Administration believes someone who has neither been duly elected nor confirmed by the Senate to the position of Secretary of Labor could be President of the United States,” the letter said.

“Suggesting that Ms. Su is eligible to be in the presidential line of succession is antithetical to our system of governance and the bedrock principles on which our Republic rests,” it said.

Unfortunately, putting a temporary, unimportant department head before the president in the presidential line of succession and violating the Constitution is not the most idiotic thing that Biden has done in his failed term.

This is a sobering reminder that Biden’s repeated attempts to rule by presidential fiat need to be reined in rather than a personal jab against Su.

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