Biden Campaign Joins Truth Social – Immediately Regrets It

When the President of the United States was banned from the now-renamed social media network Twitter, he launched his own social media site. Now Truth Social is a platform for all, especially former President Donald Trump, who first posts there before other social media outlets.

The Democratic administration of President Joe Biden has made censorship its hallmark, banning free speech and blatantly creating their own version of the “truth” consistently, with massive help from the liberal mainstream media.

It may be that they believe their own lies and have forgotten that free speech and facts still exist in the United States because recently the Biden camp decided to join in on Truth Social and apparently thought to use that platform as another forum for their statements.

But it seems that they were taken by surprise that their rhetoric was not welcomed by truth-seekers on the site, and they experienced a wall of free speech at their initial posts.

Red State reports:

For reasons not immediately apparent to anyone, the Biden-Harris campaign joined Truth Social on Monday, firing off a series of posts. The site was founded after Trump was banned from what was then called Twitter and essentially serves as the former president’s personal social media alternative.

Once the first post went up from the “Biden-Harris HQ” account, it was immediately ratioed, and not to provide a warm welcome.

Joe Biden just joined Truth Social.

*instant ratio*

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) October 16, 2023

In an attempt to troll, the new Biden-Harris HQ account, which features an avatar of the president with glowing red eyes, started posting clips of Trump’s primary candidates criticizing him. I guess low-paid Democrat campaign staffers think that’s some kind of brilliant slam as if Biden’s current vice president didn’t call him a racist during their own primary battle.

The comments on the first post that Biden-Harris HQ put up were not kind.

“Stay out of MAGA country!”

Joe Biden campaign is getting obliterated on Truth Social.

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) October 16, 2023

Of course the question as to why the Biden-Harris camp would think their liberal posts would be welcome on a social media site full of freedom fighters, conservatives, and Republicans immediately arises. Did the campaign think that this not-so-covert method of communication would “turn” those on the site as the Democrats have so easily brainwashed so many liberals?

Reed State continues:

Does this move strike anyone as the kind of thing a confident, not-at-all-floundering presidential campaign would do? Biden’s handlers understand there are no votes to be won on Truth Social, a site that caters exclusively to Trump supporters. So why are they doing it? The answer is that things are just that bad.

Biden currently faces some of the strongest headwinds an incumbent president has faced in modern history. The economy is floundering as the cost of living skyrockets and interest rates reach levels that put homeownership out of reach. The Southern border is a disaster area, with not only an untold humanitarian cost but an untold cost financially and societally to the nation. Things are no better overseas, with the latest example being a deadly Hamas attack on Israel that left 30 Americans dead and others held hostage.

There is nowhere you can look right now and objectively say things are going well for the United States of America. Some might say the unemployment rate, but how comforting is that when so many people are barely getting by, with many having to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet?

So what better time to try to cause a distraction and spur Republican infighting than right now? That’s all this joining of Truth Social is. It’s an attempt to get a rise out of Trump so that the focus doesn’t fall on Biden’s historic failures. It’s not going to work. Instead, it just makes the president’s campaign look desperate.

In truth, it not surprising that the Democrats are grasping at straws. With every one of their legal attacks on Trump, his base grows and eyes are open to the persecution of a former president by the opposing party who is in power.

High prices, the out-of-control invasion of the United States by the millions crossing the southern border daily from every corner of the world, and the beginning in the middle east and elsewhere of what might any minute be World War 3 is waking up every feeble-minded citizen to the fact that the U.S. needs a president that can handle all of the above.

Trump himself noted this week on social media:

“Through weakness you get war. The Biden Administration is the weakest and most incompetant in the history of the U.S., except when using corrupt law enforcement to attack your Political Opponent – but actually, that’s weakness also!”

The question is not whether former President Trump is the man for the job, polls say most Americans can clearly see that he is. The question is can he be reinstated back into power in time to save the United States as we have known it.

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