Biden Defies Calls for Cognitive Test: Does He Have Something to Hide?

President Joe Biden has recently stirred controversy by resisting calls from a blend of lawmakers, commentators, and medical professionals, both Democrats and Republicans, to undergo a cognition examination. This follows a past debate with ex-President Donald Trump where the latter seemed disconnected and struggled to articulate words and phrases neatly. During a pre-recorded ABC News conversation with George Stephanopoulos, a former aide to Bill Clinton, the President dismissed any thoughts of retiring from his role, asserting his readiness to stay in office for another four years.

In that same interview, President Biden rejected suggestions that his performance in the debate was below par, instead alleging that Trump was the one disrupting his focus during their verbal duel. According to the President, his etiquette, respecting the rules when his speaking time was due, was misinterpreted as his weakness. The White House, reechoing Biden’s sentiments, added that the President was feeling unwell and fatigued due to several consecutive trips to Europe, despite having spent over a week in Camp David preparing for the debate.

Interestingly, the President has also disclaimed that he evaluated his performance post-debate. Moreover, when probed on whether he would step down if credible parties recommended him to, he artfully dodged the question but stated half humorously that he would resign if ordered by a divine voice.

On the other side of the spectrum, one of the stalwarts from the Democratic party, usually seen rallying behind Biden, has shown alliance with the Republicans on insisting that Biden undertake a cognitive assessment. This echoes the precedent set by Trump when he voluntarily underwent a cognitive test during his tenure and made the results public.

CNN’s principal medical reporter Dr. Sanjay Gupta, last Friday, advocated that President Biden should undertake broad-ranging cognitive and neurological evaluations. Sharing his professional perspective through an op-ed on CNN’s website, Dr. Gupta, an accomplished neurosurgeon, expressed apprehensions about Biden’s health – both mentally and physically – fueled by the President’s impaired performance during the debate with Trump.

He based these concerns on his observations of Biden’s stammering speech, perplexed remarks, lack of focus, inflexible movement, and diminished facial expressiveness during the debate. This critique is key to understanding the President’s current health condition and has been widely viewed within the medical community.

Dr. Gupta mentioned Biden’s medical check-up held in February, conducted by an elite group of top-notch doctors under Dr. Kevin O’Connor’s supervision, the current White House physician. This included even a neurology specialist who carried out a keenly detailed examination to detect any signs of neurological diseases.

In terms of results, this highly thorough neurological procedure showed no signs of neurological maladies or any evidence of Parkinson’s disease, which, if present, could have explained Biden’s rigid strides and minimized facial gestures identified during his debate.

Dr. Gupta, however, was quick to highlight that all these examinations were devoid of any cognitive testing. As a seasoned physician, he claimed that understanding the possibility of hidden dementia is crucial given the ongoing medical advancements in treatments and lifestyle modifications that can potentially delay, sometimes even alleviate, the progression of cognitive-related disorders.

Drawing attention to these important aspects, he strongly underscored the need for a cognitive assessment of President Biden not just as a matter of protocol or political concern, but as a matter of public health. He further asserted this necessity by stating that a comprehensive health check, mental and physical, is paramount for anyone elected to the highest office.

Without presuming the President’s health status, alluding to cognitive decline or mental incapacity, the main focus of these requests for a cognitive test should be taken in the broader public health context. Adequate cognition is, after all, indispensable for a leader tasked with steering a nation through challenging times.

In conclusion, on the surface, this controversy may seem to be an attempt by opponents to discredit President Biden’s fitness for office – another fling in the endless frisbee of bipartisan politics. However, beneath that, it digs deeper into an essential question – the health of a nation’s leader.

The calls for President Biden to undergo cognitive testing hence transcend partisanship. As such, it is the expectation of Americans that President Biden will heed these calls, respecting the transparency and candidness necessary in public office.

His ability to smoothly articulate policies, craft sound responses in challenging situations, and guide America with resolute decisiveness during crises heavily relies on his cognitive capabilities. As the captain of this ship, his health remains central to smoothly steering America through the turbulent waters of geopolitical complexities.

Considering these factors, it remains to be seen whether President Biden will accede to the mounting requests for a cognitive test. The decision he makes will undeniably have vast implications for his office, the legacy of his presidency, and the broader landscape of American politics for years to come.

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