Biden Posts Cryptic Message On X After Chiefs Win Superbowl: ‘Just Like We Drew It Up’ 


In the aftermath of the Kansas City Chiefs’ spectacular victory at the recent Super Bowl, an enigmatic tweet emerged from President Joe Biden’s account. With the Chiefs clinching their second consecutive title and third within five years, the triumph over the San Francisco 49ers was an event of celebration.

The intriguing ‘Dark Brandon’ meme appeared alongside Biden’s words, ‘Just like we drew it up.’ Casting a veil of insinuation, it was interpreted by many as an exotic twist to the conjecture that the Chiefs were destined to win, driven by an ulterior motive to spotlight tight end Travis Kelce’s significant other.

The moment became the centerpiece of the year’s most televised sporting event, with unaffected speculation about motivations and endorsements. However, it was not the only attention Biden commanded that Sunday. An additional storm was brewing on social media surrounding another topic. This criticism pertained to a video released by Biden’s campaign, accusing companies of ‘shrinkflation’, essentially downsizing their product portions while retaining the original price tags.

Just like we drew it up.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) February 12, 2024

The apparently covert footage seems to be shot in the White House movie theater, with a relaxed President surrounded by various snack packages. In a candid admission, Biden confesses his affinity for snacks during the big game. ‘If you’re like me, you like to be surrounded by a snack or two while watching the big game,’ states Biden, introducing the point of his discourse.

As a self-proclaimed ice cream enthusiast, Biden’s grievances extend to reductions in ice cream container sizes without corresponding price cuts. His contention lies not just with the act, but with the principle of paying the same for less. ‘Quick note to ice cream lovers,’ Biden declared, ‘I’m sure you’ve seen the slight reduction in your favorite tub but not its price. This so-called ‘shrinkflation’ is nothing less than pure thievery.’

The outcry on social media was instant, with several users pointing out the irony of the President’s comments given the inflationary effects of his own economic policies. They argue that, in fact, these firms are reacting to fiscal pressures by resizing, thus keeping their operations afloat and maintaining American jobs.

Clay Travis from Outkick voiced his critique stating, ‘Joe Biden, whose economic policies have spurred the highest inflation in 40 years, now faults companies for adjusting product sizes. Interestingly enough, this mirrors a classic strategy: deflect the blame of faulty economic policies by casting companies as the villains, a mere survival tactic to weather the storm of poor economic strategies.’

Prominent investor Bill Ackman questioned the propriety of the criticism: ‘Is this commensurate with the gravity of the presidential office? Shouldn’t we ponder whether the current fiscal policy, one of POTUS’s responsibilities, might be a significant engine of inflation?’. This sentiment was echoed by former Trump consultant Steve Cortes, who noted potential difficulties associated with the video’s production and suggested a lack of confidence in Biden’s presence.

Republican Harmeet Dhillon, who vied for the Republican National Committee Chair against Ronna McDaniel in the previous year, questioned the premise of the argument. ‘Do they genuinely believe we are this naive? Surely, we have much larger fish to fry.’ Former Trump speechwriter and America First Legal founder, Stephen Miller, chimed in: ‘Fact remains unchallenged: your dollar holds much less value under Biden.’

A frank assessment arrived from author and commentator Brenden Dilley: ‘Biden essentially asserts the economy’s dismal state and his obliviousness towards inflation’s true mechanics. Is this a candid admission? Or could it be an Artifical Intelligence? Possibly a deepfake?’. Byron York, another well-known commentator, seemed equally perplexed: ‘Joe Biden, calling out inflation? And asking the companies to stall it? How believable is that?’

Adding to the stream of responses, Jack Posobiec of Human Events weighed in: ‘Shrinkflation is striking your remaining cognitive prowess. Consider the audacity of recognizing the after-effects of what transpired under your own administration.’ With a plethora of reactions tossed in from various corners, it’s clear that Biden’s critique of ‘shrinkflation’ and his insinuative tweet have elicited a variety of opinions.

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