Biden Repeats One Word 4 Times When Asked Tough Question On ‘60 Minutes’

President Joe Biden stated on 60 Minutes that he had the following advice for Iran, a supporter of Hezbollah that also backs Hamas, and the group itself, which is allegedly engaged in ongoing border battles with Israeli forces: “Don’t. Don’t do anything at all.

Biden discussed the Hamas terror attack and battle, US involvement, and the president’s ideas on what may or should happen next with CBS News correspondent and co-host Scott Pelley.

During the pre-recorded interview, Pelley questioned Biden on Iran and Hezbollah in one exchange. Administration spokesperson John Kirby stated on Fox News that while Iran is “of course” “complicit” in the attack as a funder, trainer, and supplier of arms, the issue of whether the nation was specifically involved in the planning of the most recent terror attack is still being looked into.

Pelley questioned Biden about Israel’s involvement on 60 Minutes after he stated that he believes Israel “understands that a significant portion of the Palestinian people do not share the views of Hamas and Hezbollah.”

“There’s limited fighting already on the northern Israeli border. And I wonder, what is your message to Hezbollah and its backer, Iran?” Pelley asked.

“Don’t. Don’t, don’t, don’t,” said Biden.

“Don’t come across the border? Don’t escalate this war?” Pelley clarified.

“That’s right,” said Biden.

Pelley then inquired as to whether Iran is “behind” the conflict and attack. In response, Biden stated that there isn’t any proof as of yet.

PELLEY: Is Iran behind the Gaza war?

BIDEN: I don’t want to get into classified information, but to be very blunt with you, there’s no clear evidence of that.

PELLEY: At this point, no evidence that Iran is behind any of this.

BIDEN: Correct. Now, Iran constantly supports Hamas and Hezbollah. I don’t mean that. But in terms of were they, did they have foreknowledge that they are planning the attack? They – there’s there’s no evidence of that at this point.

In the larger scheme of Iran’s massive and ongoing support, funding, and training of terrorists, as well as Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s decades-long call for such attacks and his immediate solidarity with and support of the attack after it occurred, any specific paper trail linking Iran to the immediate pre-planning of the attack may seem like a bit of a red herring, but the administration is focused on details because it transferred $6 billion to Iran in a prisoner swap deal just last month.

Pelley did not question the president about that money in the version of the show that aired.

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