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The green scam is made up of lies, now people are seeing the truth by going back in time to see what these liars have said. 26 states are suing Biden in regards to EVs. SC deals a blow to Biden Ozone case. SC strips SEC power. [CB] says banks passed stress test, translation: bank collapse incoming. The Biden admin is using the same playbook, they just released a new letter from economist about Trump economic policies, this will fail. Trump wants the debates, he wants Biden on full display. Will there be a medical emergency to call the debate short? In the end the people will see the truth.




26 States Sue Biden Admin Over Rule Pushing EVs On Americans

A 26-state coalition is suing the Biden administration over a new rule that increases the average fuel economy of passenger cars and light trucks.
The states filed a legal challenge in the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals against the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to block the agency’s new fuel economy requirements for passenger cars and light trucks, which the agency finalized on June 7. Provided it withstands legal challenges, the rule will require auto manufacturers to adhere to an industry-wide fleet average of approximately 50.4 miles per gallon for passenger cars and light trucks by 2031 – a move that, critics say, would force car companies to drastically increase the share of their fleets that are electric vehicles (EVs), and, in turn, would negatively impact consumer pocketbooks and American energy independence.  


“Congress did not give the NHTSA such power to reshape an industry that would ultimately affect the pocketbooks of consumers— this rule is legally flawed and unrealistic,” West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey said in a press release announcing the legal challenge on Wednesday. “This will undoubtedly cause the United States to be dependent on other nations like China for our energy needs and will undermine American energy security by increasing demand and straining power grids.”


Supreme Court Deals Blow To Biden EPA’s Ozone Emissions Scheme

The Supreme Court temporarily blocked an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plan to limit ozone pollution that drifts across state lines on Thursday.
The court ruled to temporarily block the EPA’s “good neighbor” rule for ozone, which the agency originally intended to impose on 23 states via complex regulatory processes. The stay will remain in place as litigation over the rule plays out in lower courts.
The court decided to block the rule by a 5-4 vote, with Justices Amy Coney Barrett, Sonia Sotomayor, Ketanji Brown Jackson and Elana Kagan dissenting. Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote the court’s opinion, and was joined in the majority by Justices Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, John Roberts and Samuel Alito 

Ohio v EPA by Nick Pope on Scribd


Core Durable Goods Orders Decline In May; Growth Scare Grows As Shipments Plunge 

New Orders for Durable Goods in the US rose by just 0.1% MoM in preliminary May data (better than the -0.5% exp, but that was thanks to a major downward revision in April from +0.6% to +0.2%).

Source: Bloomberg

The last four months have seen gains ebb rapidly and now durable goods orders are down 1.2% on a YoY basis.

Source: Bloomberg

Core Capital Goods Orders (non-defense, ex-aircraft) plunged 0.6% MoM (well below the +0.1% exp), matching the biggest drop this year…


How many times can a data series be downwardly revised before conspiracies about manipulated data flip from theory to actual ‘standard operating procedure’?


  $11,408 less than the required amount. As a result, only 39% of renters earn enough to pay for the median-priced apartment. In New York, the median income needed to afford an apartment rental is now a staggering $119,120 per year. Renting and buying are both unaffordable.


What’s going on here?
Big US banks survived a hypothetical 40% drop in commercial real estate (CRE) values as part of the Federal Reserve’s annual health test, easing some fears about the banking sector amid high-interest rates troubling landlords.
What does this mean?
The Fed’s stress test ensures banks can withstand severe economic conditions, and this year’s results show the major players can absorb nearly $685 billion in losses. This included scenarios like a 36% decline in US home prices, a 55% drop in equity prices, and a 10% unemployment rate. While these results are reassuring, they come against a backdrop of record-high office vacancy rates at 20%, driven by pandemic-era remote work habits. Although these banks passed, the head of research at Janney Montgomery Scott warns that the challenges in the CRE sector are far from over.





House Votes To Defund Mayorkas

The GOP-led House voted on   to defund Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, a Biden administration official who was impeached by the lower chamber earlier this year in a rebuke of his handling of the border crisis.

A group of 193 Republican lawmakers voted to pass the amendment that Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) sponsored for appropriations legislation that aims to provide tens of billions of dollars to the Homeland Security Department (DHS) in the next fiscal year.

All voting Democrats, 172 of them, and one Republican opposed the measure. Seventy-two members, including 28 Republicans and 44 Democrats, did not cast a vote on the amendment when it was brought to the House floor.
A different amendment from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), which would have reduced Mayorkas’ salary to $1, failed to pass. Another of her offerings to block DHS from partnering with the State Department for “Safe Mobility Offices” did succeed.
The appropriations bill still needs a final vote in the House on Friday, but is unlikely to be passed by the Democratic Senate. If it does pass the Senate, President Joe Biden has already threatened to veto the measure. 


Geopolitical/Police State

 access users’ sensitive data, according to newly obtained internal reports.

The United Nations has unveiled the latest in a series of censorship initiatives, this one dubbed, the Global Principles for Information Integrity.

The topic is, “harm from misinformation and disinformation, and hate speech” – and this is presented with a sense of urgency, calling for immediate action from, once again, the usual group of entities that are supposed to execute censorship: governments, tech companies, media, advertisers, PR firms.
They are at once asked not to use or amplify “disinformation and hate speech” and then also combat it with some tried-and-tested tools: essentially algorithm manipulation (by “limiting algorithmic amplification”), labeling content, and the UN did not stop short of recommending demonetizing the “offenders.”
Presenting the plan on Monday, Guterres made the obligatory mention of doing all that while “at the same time upholding human rights such as freedom of speech.”



N.Korea says successfully tested multiple-warhead missile capability

North Korea claimed to have successfully tested its multiple-warhead missile capability,

Pyongyang “successfully conducted the separation and guidance control test of individual mobile warheads” on Wednesday,” KCNA reported, adding that the “separated mobile warheads were guided correctly to the three coordinate targets.”
“The test is aimed at securing the MIRV capability,” it said, referring to multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle technology — or, the ability to fire multiple warheads on a single ballistic missile.
The statement came a day after South Korea’s military said the North had test-fired what appeared to be a hypersonic missile on Wednesday, but the launch ended in a mid-air explosion.


North Korean Troops Will Be ‘Cannon Fodder’ If Sent To Ukraine, Pentagon Says

South Korea’s TV Chosun cited a Seoul official to say specifically the north will send construction and engineering units to Ukraine as soon as next month, according to Reuters. They will reportedly assist in rebuilding efforts for areas under Russian control.
It true this could further ‘internationalize’ the conflict and might in turn trigger greater NATO involvement, possibly even the deployment of Western troops.
However, the news of Pyongyang deploying engineering troops is anything but confirmed at this point, given it appears to have originated in South Korean media:


 Pentagon press secretary Gen. Pat Ryder said in a briefing on Tuesday.
“If I were North Korean military personnel management, I would be questioning my choice of sending my forces to be cannon fodder  


BREAKING: Coup Attempt Underway in Bolivia 

A military coup is apparently underway in La Paz, Bolivia, against Bolivian President Luis Arce.
 The coup’s leader seems to be the commander of the Bolivian Armed Forces, Juan José Zúñiga. Zúñiga was fired yesterday after a public spat with former president Evo Morales, who seems to be constitutionally barred from running for president again, but Morales apparently has a different opinion. Zúñiga also doesn’t seem to take his being fired all that seriously.

Armored vehicles and troops have occupied the presidential palace:


The building of the Bolivian Legislative Assembly is also occupied:



There’s Much More To Bolivia’s Failed Coup Than Another CIA Regime Change Attempt

General Juan Jose Zuniga was dismissed earlier in the week after threatening to arrest former President Evo Morales if he tries running for a fourth term like the latter said that he wants to do in 2025 despite the Constitutional Court ruling late last year that it would be unconstitutional. Bolivia’s 2019 military coup was set into motion upon Morales winning a contentious fourth term after a 2016 referendum on extending term limits failed but was overruled by the Constitutional Tribunal in 2017.

Over the past year, Arce and Morales had a nasty falling out over the run-up to 2025’s elections, which saw Arce being expelled from Morales’ MAS.
Earlier this month, Arce was one of President Putin’s two guests of honor (the other being Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa) at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, where he gave a powerful speech about multipolarity that can be read in full here. It was with their countries’ increasingly strategic partnership in mind, which importantly includes lithium and nuclear energy dimensions, that many X users assumed that the failed coup was a US-backed geopolitical revenge plot.
 Arce personally confronted Zuniga in the presidential palace and convinced his comrades to call off the coup, which coincided with him and Morales putting aside their differences for the greater national good to call on their compatriots to mobilize in support of the government. The coup therefore failed p  latest events, this might actually end up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy by sometime next year if Bolivia isn’t careful.


Army stiffens rules barring extremist, gang activity among soldiers

 New Army rules issued Wednesday, June 26, 2024, clarify soldiers cannot knowingly participate in or support any extremist activity in or out of uniform. (Robert H. Reid/Stars and Stripes) Soldiers cannot post, like or share any extremist or gang-affiliated content on social media or participate in other extremist activity even when they are off duty, according to new Army rules unveiled Wednesday.
The new rules clarify soldiers — on active duty or in the Reserve or National Guard — cannot knowingly participate in or support any extremist activity in or out of uniform, according to two new memorandums that Army Secretary Christine Wormuth sent to the force Wednesday. Those caught supporting extremist or gang activity — including wearing clothing, flying flags or sporting bumper stickers on their vehicles in support of extremist views — must be reported to their commanders, who are now required to report all such allegations to the Defense Department inspector general and the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division, according to the memos. “Active participation in extremist activities can be prohibited even in some circumstances in which such activities would be constitutionally protected in a civilian setting,” Wormuth wrote in one memo.
“Enforcement of this policy is a responsibility of every command, is vitally important to unit cohesion and morale and is essential to the Army’s ability to accomplish its mission.” The new rules come some two years after the Defense Department issued guidance to the force about extremist activities in response primarily to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump.


Cyber Attacks

False Flags


Key House chairman intervenes in Bannon case, tells Supreme Court Democrat J6 contempt was ‘invalid’

The 11th hour amicus brief filed by Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., comes as the nation’s highest court considers Bannon’s emergency request to delay his four-month prison sentence.

The 11th-hour amicus brief filed by Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., comes as the nation’s highest court considers Bannon’s emergency request to delay his four-month prison sentence for contempt of Congress set to begin July 1 until the legal issues are resolved.
“This Court should conclude that the entire prosecutorial process against the applicant was tainted and must be dismissed as a matter of law,” Loudermilk pleaded in his motion.
You can read the full filing here.

Loudermilk offered a technical and procedural challenge, arguing the failure of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi to allow Republicans to pick their own ranking member on the Democrat-run Jan. 6 select committee violated the rules Congress set for itself and therefore tainted the committee’s efforts to compel Bannon to testify and to hold him in criminal contempt when he defied a subpoena back in 2022.
“The Select Committee violated the House Rules and House Regulations for the Use of Deposition Authority … which governed the Select Committee’s authority and ability to issue subpoenas and conduct depositions of witnesses,” Loudermilk argued in the brief filed with support from the America First Legal public interest law firm. “The House was not properly informed of this violation when it voted to hold Mr. Bannon in contempt.

“The Select Committee did not have a minority ranking member and therefore could not have complied with its mandate prior to eliciting deposition testimony. Thus, the Select Committee improperly asserted to the House that Mr. Bannon refused to appear for a duly executed deposition. …  The Select Committee’s enforcement of the subpoena and the prosecution of Mr. Bannon for failing to participate in a deposition was factually and procedurally invalid.
Pelosi rejected the House GOP’s candidates for the Jan. 6  committee including a ranking member and instead handpicked Trump critic and GOP Rep. Liz Cheney to serve as vice chairwoman and another GOP Trump critic, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, to serve as a committee member.

Loudermilk also has provided evidence suggesting the Democrat-run committee engaged in deception, including allowing former Trump aide Cassidy Hutchinson to offer hear-say testimony about the former president while delaying first-hand testimony from the Secret Service that directly contradicted her claims.

 a petition for rehearing en banc and will be in support of neither party. It will withdraw certain arguments made by the House earlier in the litigation about the organization of the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol during the prior Congress. House Republican Leadership continues to believe Speaker Pelosi abused her authority when organizing the Select Committee.


“It Needs to Get Out As Soon As Possible” – New FOIA Emails Reveal CIA Panicking as They Rushed Approval of Hunter Laptop Letter  

51 spies who lied about the Hunter Biden laptop computer saying it was a Russian op when they all knew it was his.
New FOIA emails obtained by Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch show the CIA panicking and making sure all hands were on deck to stop the Hunter Biden laptop from hell spreading like wildfire shortly before the 2020 election.
In October of 2020 – just days before the presidential election – 51 former intelligence officials signed and published a letter that baselessly decried the contents of Hunter’s ‘laptop from hell’ had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”
This was a lie.  They all knew it was a lie. The fake news media ran with the story anyway.

Mike Morell, former CIA acting director under Obama immediately sent out an email making sure the infamous Hunter laptop letter by the 51 spies who lied was approved.


“This is a rush job, as it needs to get out as soon as possible,” Morell wrote in an email on Monday, October 19, 2020, at 6:36 a.m., to the CIA’s Publications Classification Review Board (PCRB) with a copy to Marc Polymeropoulos, a former CIA senior intelligence officer.

Judicial Watch reported:


he did not believe the IC was behind it when it actually came from him -CNN then hired Clapper

Biden Will Hammer Ridiculous Talking Point About Economy To Trick Voters During Debate — Don’t Fall For It

Remember when 51 intel officers wrote a letter in 2020 saying Hunter Biden’s laptop had all the hallmarks of “Russian disinformation?”
Then-candidate Joe Biden went on the debate stage with President Donald Trump and used the letter to parry Trump’s claims about the laptop from hell — and it paid off.

Democrats think the same trick will work again — this time, with 16 partisan economists. But turns out the American media is a little more savvy this time around.

Sixteen Nobel Prize-winning economists wrote a letter claiming that a second Trump administration would reignite inflation and wreak havoc on the global economy, arguing that Biden’s economic performance is “vastly superior.”
This was undoubtedly timed to give Biden another talking point on the debate stage Thursday night. He’s long been trying to argue that Trump only cares about the rich, despite Americans trusting Trump far more on the economy and inflation. Trust The Experts™ is really all Biden has to fall back on, as if the mom now paying double to fill up her tank and put food on the table cares what they have to say.


Instagram has announced that it “accidentally” changed users’ default settings to limit political content ahead of Thursday’s presidential debate.
The change applies to all users, even if you have previously turned the settings off.

The Hill reports:

Several Instagram users spoke out after noticing their settings had been changed to limit political content, an option created by parent company Meta in February, ahead of Thursday’s first 2024 debate between President Biden and former President Trump.

In a response to a post from Democratic strategist Keith Edwards on Threads, another Meta app, Meta spokesperson Andy Stone said the resetting of users’ limits on political content was “an error and should not have happened,” and the company is working to get it fixed.

 Translation, people found out what they did, now they are trying to cover it up

Trump made intelligent strategic choices regarding tonight’s debate

 We know it’s not a level playing field by any stretch, but it is the playing field we are used to, and it’s always the other team (for those of you in Rio Linda, Team Democrat-Media Complex) with the home team advantage. Not us.
Trump, the chess master, is perfectly comfortable on this ballfield. He will harp on all of these “defects” during and after the debate to his benefit.
  Trump wants to be able to talk about Biden being on something, but if Biden’s drug test is negative or inconclusive, Trump can’t play that up on the campaign trail. The same is true if the debates are conducted in a perfectly non-biased way where the playing field is level. If things don’t go Trump’s way, he cannot play up the fact that the moderator was a jerk, the questions favored Biden, and the entire debate was rigged against him from the moment it started.
All of this—drugs, bias, and the press generally conspiring with the President to rig the debate against Trump—allows Trump to continue the narrative that Biden is so incompetent he has to be drugged up to appear at a debate, his henchmen in the media were overzealous in silencing 45’s mic just as they gagged him in New York, and the Democrat-Media Complex once again prevented the American people from participating in a public presidential debate.
A long sidenote here, so you can have more understanding about how Biden’s team is “handling” him. The reason there is no live audience  is that people in the early to moderate stages of dementia have a hard time with overstimulation. Loud noises, busy scenes, crowded rooms, and crowds yelling, cheering, and clapping are all very difficult for people with dementia to process.
At first, they are fine, but eventually, confusion will start to trickle in
 Joe’s handlers are concerned that if Joe must endure all the questioning while standing, without notes, potentially arguing with Trump, and then, on top of that, contending with loud and often raucous cheering, jeering, and clapping from the audience, he’ll end in a Delusion spiral. Worse, it could start on stage. Then, it could take days, even weeks, to correct itself, and he’ll probably permanently sink into greater dementia.
  Biden team’s desperation to protect Biden, which is almost certainly because of dementia, plays in Trump’s favor. That’s why his campaign hasn’t pushed hard to make changes that would level a playing field he is perfectly happy to play on, as crooked as it may be.


POLL: Swing State Voters Trust Trump More Than Biden to Protect Democracy

Swing state voters trust Trump to protect democracy more than Biden, according to new polling from the Washington Post.
This poll must be driving Democrats positively bonkers, because it is the opposite of their entire strategy. They have been saying for months now that Trump is a threat to democracy. Yet voters in swing states trust Trump on this issue more than the Democrat candidate. That’s hilarious.
So much of what Democrats have tried to do has backfired right into their faces.

The Hill reports:

 How’s that for irony?


Will there be antifa outside
When things fall apart will the stop the debates and blame it on antifa
or is the medical emergency the event
Will Biden have a panic attack, heart attack, will he faint

  that Biden is so desperate to keep hidden?!
Who is really pushing this, most likely Obama. they will most likely be released at the right moment to push the 25, first they want biden to step down on his own. They are holding this over him.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama privately has expressed frustration over how the Biden family largely exiled her close friend Kathleen Buhle after Buhle’s messy divorce from Hunter Biden, two people familiar with the relationship told Axios.
Why it matters: The family tensions — and the former first lady’s disdain for partisan politics — are partly why one of the Democrats’ most popular voices hasn’t campaigned for President Biden‘s re-election, the sources said, even as former President Obama has been a willing surrogate.
Michelle Obama also was initially reluctant to campaign for Biden after he became the Democratic nominee in 2020, people familiar with the situation told Axios.
Despite public displays of camaraderie that continue today, the relationship between the Bidens and Obamas changed in 2015.
That was when then-Vice President Biden was weighing a presidential run, and President Obama discouraged it.

  Despite her initial resistance, Michelle Obama did participate in the 2020 campaign after Democrats privately argued to her that the stakes were too high for her to sit out.
She didn’t go out on the stump like Barack Obama did, but she engaged through When We All Vote, which she launched in 2018, gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention, and posted on social media supporting Biden’s campaign.
The former first lady could still hit the campaign trail this year, and there have been discussions between the two camps about it.


DNC Funnels Millions to Law Firms Involved in Unprecedented Lawfare Against Trump, FEC Records Reveal  

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has funneled millions of dollars to law firms deeply engaged in a relentless lawfare campaign against President Donald Trump.
The information was exposed through a thorough review of Federal Election Commission (FEC) records by the Daily Caller.
According to the FEC filings, the DNC has paid close to $2 million since August 2021 to Kaplan Hecker & Fink LLP for ‘legal services’. The founding partner of this firm, Roberta A. Kaplan, is known for representing E. Jean Carroll in her sexual assault and defamation suits against Trump. It’s worth noting that from its inception in 2017 until August 2021, the DNC had not paid this firm for any services.

The timing and nature of these payments raise eyebrows, given that Joshua Matz, another partner at Kaplan Hecker & Fink LLP, served as counsel for the House Judiciary Committee during both of Trump’s impeachment trials.
It should be noted that both Judge Kaplan and Roberta Kaplan, who are not related, previously worked together at the same prestigious law firm in the early 1990s, The Gateway Pundit previously reported.


WATCH: RINO Georgia Gov. Kemp Says He Did Not Vote for Anyone in Republican Primary 

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp says he voted in his state’s Republican primary but did not vote for a candidate.
Kemp made the strange admission during an interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.
“Speaking of the Georgia primary, who did you vote for?” Collins asked Kemp on CNN’s The Source.
Kemp replied, “In the Georgia primary? I didn’t vote for anybody. I voted, but I didn’t vote for anybody. I mean, the race was already over when the primary got here.”



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