Big Brawl Breaks Out Live On Air with Watters And Weiner

Any conservative who has tried to debate political facts with a Democrat soon finds themselves in an argument, not with facts bantered but with beliefs that do not connect with actual facts and data.

Fox News host Jesse Watters found this to be true as he entered a discussion with former Democratic New York Rep. Anthony Weiner on Tuesday over the current state of America.

Watters began the segment by acknowledging that most Dems would not go on air to debate issues with conservatives, but that he had found a “brave” Dem who was a guest on his show.

Watters started out by addressing the Democrats’ struggle to rein in crime in urban areas, reported The Daily Caller.

“Why do the Democrats have such a problem with crime?” Watters asked.

“We don’t like crime,” Weiner retorted.

Weiner argued that Democrats have created a program to place more police on the streets. Watters responded that Democrats have “defunded the police.” Weiner stated that crime has started to go down significantly.

“You think Rudy Giuliani did a good job against crime?” Weiner asked. “It’s 40% lower than it was the year he left,” not remarking on the factors Giuliani put in place to make that happen.

Watters blamed Democrats for letting criminals out of prison and promoting “crazy” bail reform. He pointed out incidents in which people have been pushed onto the subway tracks in New York City.

The Fox News host then pivoted to immigration, asking Weiner about Biden’s border plan. Weiner did not acknowledge the massive influx of illegals who have flowed over the border since Biden took office and the recent declarations by the mayor of New York City that the immigrants are causing the city’s collapse.

“Well, it’s the same laws that there were under Trump. Did you like those?” Weiner said.

“They’re not being enforced,” Watters said, stating the obvious.

Watters continued that illegal immigrants have an app that can be used to make an “appointment to break into the country.” Watters then argued that the waves of illegal migrants could be repelled at the border with competent leadership.

“You have no plan!” Watters said. “It’s been, what, three or four million people that have come across.”

Weiner then accused Republicans of walking away from a deal to address the migrant crisis. Watters said that the deal “blew up.” The Fox News host then accused Biden of “cutting holes” in the walls on the southern border.

“Who paid for that wall?” Weiner asked

“Mexico paid for the wall, through tariffs!” Watters exclaimed.

Apparently Weiner, like other Dems, wants to see a receipt for cash changing hands between Mexico and the United States for the cost of the wall, instead of noticing the financial picture regarding trade.

Weiner blamed former President Donald Trump for not solving the migrant crisis while he held office, arguing that Republicans had sufficient political power to implement a solution. Weiner must not have noticed the building of the wall and the restrictions Trump placed on immigration.

Watters retorted that there was “very little illegal immigration under Donald Trump.”

“Where was the Donald Trump immigration reform act of ’17 or ’18?” Weiner pondered, stating that the Republicans could’ve addressed the problem in both 2017 and 2018, ignoring the fact that they actually did so, and allowed the governors of border states to enact legislation regarding their own states.

That parts of the border wall remaining to be installed are being sold off by the Biden administration was not brought up.

Watters then asked Weiner about transgender issues. Weiner scoffed, suggesting that American people don’t really care about it, pointing to Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ struggling presidential campaign as evidence, Daily Caller noted.

“You guys say you’re conservatives. You really think the government should be involved with this?” Weiner asked.

Weiner agreed that parents should have a voice in the transgender debate, but stated that politicians should stay away from it. He said that the issue should be addressed locally via school boards, and pointed to DeSantis’ flailing poll numbers to suggest that politicians should stay out of the issue.

Watters said that DeSantis believes children should play in sports aligned with their biological sex, an issue that affects not just children but lifelong athletes and even the worldwide Olympics, therefore not being just a local issue.

It seems that Weiner and the Biden administration are either speaking smoke and mirrors or are completely unattached from the American public.

In May, Biden’s approval rating on immigration hit a record low, with only 31% of respondents giving him a thumbs-up, according to an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll.

Americans are also skeptical of transgender issues, with a clear majority believing that transgender athletes should play on teams consistent with their biological sex, according to a poll conducted by The Washington Post.


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