By now everyone knows the national role of James Clyburn.  The South Carolina representative is in charge of regional, key-state, ballot counting in 2024 as he was in 2020. {GO DEEP} This makes James Clyburn a very important Democrat leader to pay attention to.
At the conclusion of today’s meeting of Democrat representatives, James Clyburn five times assured the DNC is, “Ridin’ With Biden.”  WATCH:
Clyburn is focused on ballot counting operations within Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Virginia and Nevada. 
    There are four scenarios likely shaping the landscape of the decision to replace Joe Biden that James Clyburn is having to navigate and deal with.  One of the scenarios is very ominous and will require support from President Barack Obama, which at this point is not guaranteed.

The four scenarios include two with Biden replaced, and two without.  They are essentially:

♦ 1. Replace Biden – Win/Cheat, however with a new candidate the ballot scanning can look legit.

♦ 2. Replace Biden – Lose/Accept Defeat. Seemingly not an option for the Deep State.

♦ 3. Don’t Replace Biden – Lose/Accept Defeat. Again, seemingly not an option for the Deep State.

♦ 4. Don’t Replace Biden – Win/Cheat, however, on such a scale of massive fraud that the American people will see it clearly. Chaos erupts.



The Youth are Abandoning the Democrat Party in Droves, Gravitating Toward the Republicans 

In a surprising twist, the demographic once firmly considered to be in the Democrat Party’s camp has now gravitated to the right. According to new polling, the youth are no longer ridin’ with Biden, to the point where more of them are favoring voting in Republicans than Democrats.

As reported by Newsweek, the National Public Opinion Reference Survey (NPORS) published by Pew Research found that people under 30 are abandoning the Democrat Party and have given Republicans a very slim lead in their demographic:

The NPORS found that, among all respondents, 47 percent said they were Republican or leaned Republican, while 46 percent said they were Democrats or leaned toward the Democrats.



Removing Biden is not going to be a one day event. The [DS] does it in phases to make it look natural and remember what they are leading up to, the 25.

One by one Bidens support is being removed

Biden will become the nominee, and the people will stuck with him. This is when the real push comes.
As Biden does more interviews, speeches and debates the people will continually see that Bidens cognivtive abilities is breaking down.

The people will see that there is no hope, they are stuck with biden and they will not be able to win. the people will demand Biden be removed.

The fake news will push the cognitive test and the people will push to replace him even though he is the nominee. . Remember Obama wants the people to push this.

Once Kamala is in position, she will choose a VP, most likely it might HRC. As time goes on Kamala poll numbers will look bad, they will need to replace her and this is where Michelle comes into play