BREAKING: Donald Trump’s Sentencing Hearing to Be Delayed 

The sentencing hearing for former President Donald Trump, initially scheduled for the 11th of July, may now see a delay of a few weeks. This comes as Trump’s stalwart legal team put forth a robust argument that warrants case dismissal, an argument fueled by the recent decision regarding presidential immunity by the U.S. Supreme Court. As sourced from the DC Enquirer, the defense held that the indictment against the former president had been formulated using evidence collected during Trump’s presidency.

The Supreme Court’s verdict in Trump v. United States added further momentum to Trump’s defense, upholding that a sitting president cannot undergo prosecution for actions committed ‘officially’, concurrent to any documentary evidence gathered from such circumstances not standing ground in criminal cases. Emphasizing this superiority of executive privilege, the Trump legal squadron petitioned the court to revisit the case involving its client.

In the context of this plea by Trump’s legal team, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office delivered a surprising response. The office articulated that it didn’t oppose the proposition to postpone Trump’s sentencing hearing, initially timed to occur just a handful of days before the forthcoming Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, at least for a fortnight. This grace period extended to Justice Juan Merchan is intended for a thoughtful deliberation over the potential implications of the Supreme Court’s decision on the case.

Keeping an open mind to the defendant’s contention, even while expressing a considerable degree of skepticism, the District Attorney’s office expressed, ‘Though we harbor doubts about the merits of the defendant’s argument, we do not stand against his appeal for leniency to file and his plausible request to delay the sentencing until the examination of his motion is complete.’

Further bolstering the defendant’s position, the prosecutors requested Judge Merchan to respond to the reasoning presented by Trump’s lawyers by the 24th of July. This interlude implies that the earliest date for Trump’s sentencing hearing would be July 25, on the condition of the case not being dismissed.

Trump, in May, was found culpable on 34 counts of falsification of business records by the court. This could potentially lead to an approximate four-year prison sentence. However, this is a grave manifestation of the rule of law, which applies equally to anyone in the United States, including any former president.

Considering the usual progression of these cases and the leniency often shown in similar circumstances, it is probable that Trump may not receive a prison sentence but a considerably milder punishment. This can likely range from probation to community service, both being a favorable outcome for the defendant.

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