BREAKING: Trump Dominates North Carolina GOP Primary, Defeating Haley

Ex-President Donald Trump has emerged victorious in the GOP primary in North Carolina. Fast-moving results on Tuesday evening revealed a clear defeat for his sole competition on the ballot, Nikki Haley. Recently, Haley made the news, dismissing all conjectures of her possibly being a vice-presidential contender alongside Trump. There’s no current evidence to suggest Trump’s intention to propose the role to Haley. Viewers of Fox News’s ‘Special Report’ witnessed some intriguing questions from the host, Bret Baier, towards Haley regarding her political aspirations.

Amidst the evening’s proceedings, Baier delved into her potential paths to victory on the crucial Super Tuesday. ‘Forecast a scenario where you clinch a win on Super Tuesday?’ he probed. Haley’s response: ‘Let’s see how things go. However, often people question my actions. Initially, conjectures suggested I am aiming for the vice-presidential spot. But, the ambiguity around that seems resolved. Now they’re speculating—’ At this point Baier cut in.

Baier interrupted with, ‘So, are things in black and white now?’ To which Haley strongly retorted, ‘There is no underlying political agenda. If there were, I would have exited this political scene long ago.’ On being questioned once again about the vice-presidential matter, Haley confirmed, ‘Undoubtedly, the matter is settled! I want to stress that I wouldn’t engage in this if I was anxious about my political prospects. I would have exited this political scene earlier. Instead, I’m attempting to rouse our nation from its slumber.’

Baier shifted the conversation towards Democratic presidential hopeful and Representative Dean Phillips (D-MN), who proposed a prospective ‘unity ticket’ with Haley playing the role of vice president. ‘Dean Phillips, presently part of the Democratic primary – without much luck – but suggesting he would take the role of your vice president if you wish,’ Baier remarked. ‘Would you consider it?’

Haley’s cogent response was, ‘I’m an ardent Republican. I’m contesting as a Republican. I’m striving to mobilize people to comprehend that if Trump becomes the nominee arising from this primary, we stand to risk the general election. Trust me on this.’

Trump took the Michigan Republican presidential primary, and did not wait long before targeting Haley with his comments. Utilizing his widely used social media platform, Truth Social, the 45th president did not hold back his words. ‘Haley faced a crushing defeat last night, losing out grandly in Michigan by a whopping count of 42 Points. I eagerly anticipate Super Tuesday where her performance looks to be more dismal, if that’s conceivable. I’m surpassing her by over 60 Points in every state! The public doesn’t favor her, and they understand, based on the polls, that she stands a slim chance against Biden, or any Democrat at all,’ Trump voiced on his Truth Social platform.

The Republican presidential primary hasn’t been kind to Haley so far. Faced with defeat in every state that has cast its vote, she eventually conceded that it’s ‘very plausible’ that the Republican party has shifted its stance away from her propositions. In a candid interview on CNN, Haley opened up about her struggling campaign, and finally admitted that the party’s loyalties lie with Trump, not her.

When CNN’s Dana Bash asked, ‘Could it be that the party’s focus has shifted, and it’s more about Donald Trump than the party philosophy that you represent, which might in fact be perceived as outdated?’ Haley responded with practicality, ‘Entirely possible. What I wish to convey to my GOP colleagues is that, we are aboard a sinking ship and have two choices. Either we face the grim reality of watching our nation sway towards left-wing socialism, or we acknowledge the need to steer towards a new course.’

Haley, while asserting her dedication to her campaign’s course, unveiled her campaign’s action plan for the following week. Despite the shaky start, she’s decided to keep moving forward with visits to well over six states, appearances in fundraisers and rallies as a commitment statement.

Her defiance resonated as she said, ‘Not all states have had their say in these early votes. I’ve mentioned this before, no matter how eager the media is to fast-forward, we’re addressing this one step, one day at a time. I’m simply doing what I am led to believe 70% of Americans want of me.’

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