Brett Baier Drops Bombshell About ‘Crazy Things’ He’s Hearing…

According to Bret Baier’s report on Thursday, he has encountered noteworthy discussions on Capitol Hill amidst the current contest for the speakership.

Last week, a group of eight Republican members effectively ousted Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from his position as speaker following the submission of a resolution to vacate the chair. The aforementioned group of eight individuals was accompanied by an additional 208 members who identified themselves as Democrats. The Republican Party has put out Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) as their nominee for the position of speaker. However, it is worth noting that at now, he lacks the necessary votes required to assume this role. The role is favored by other participants of the conference, who express a preference for Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH).

McCarthy appeared as a guest on the Special Report program on Fox News, during which the host, Baier, inquired about the current state of affairs in the House of Representatives, wherein the forthcoming speaker will be required to secure a majority of votes in order to attain victory. The current membership count stands at 433 individuals, with two positions remaining vacant. Assuming that all members use their voting rights, the effective number of voters would be 217.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people up there, you know, private conversations on background,” Baier said. “A number of them told me crazy things, saying that probably Jesus of Nazareth could not get 217 votes right now.”

He then asked the former speaker, “Is this particular conference governable? Can you get to 217 for anybody?”

“It’s tough right now,” McCarthy replied. “Look, it took me 15 rounds to get there. I thought that would have worn people out. Look at what we were able to accomplish in those nine months, even when you came to the debt ceiling, the biggest cut in American history. Work requirements, we did border security bill, we made us energy independent, we did the parents’ bill of rights. We were very successful, but unfortunately, eight members, not from a conservative basis joined all the Democrats for their own personal belief that put us into this mess. That clearly put a challenge. And now it’s very difficult to get to 217.”

Baier subsequently observed that McCarthy has made six appearances on Fox since Saturday, prior to inquiring whether he is actively seeking to reclaim his former position.

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