Candace Owens Criticizes Taylor Swift Over Use of ‘Toxic Feminism’


Conservative commentator Candace Owens recently delivered a scathing critique of singer Taylor Swift, labeling her as the epitome of toxic feminism during an event hosted on Daily Wire+.

Owens expressed concern over Swift’s conduct in business dealings, accusing her of manipulative tactics to extricate herself from contracts and agreements, which she deemed as irrational behavior.

Highlighting Swift’s penchant for writing songs about her personal relationships and breakups, Owens characterized them as exhibiting signs of instability.

Moreover, Owens questioned Swift’s motives behind her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce, insinuating it was driven by opportunism rather than genuine affection.

Further, Owens took issue with Swift’s endorsement of Girls star Lena Dunham, suggesting that Swift’s interpretation of feminism centered around victimhood and financial gain.

With Swift potentially becoming a focal point in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, Owens’ remarks underscore concerns within conservative circles regarding the influence of high-profile celebrities on political discourse.

As President Biden seeks to reinvigorate his campaign amidst declining approval ratings, his team is exploring strategies to appeal to key demographics, including young, black, and Latino voters, where support has waned.

Recognizing Swift’s significant social media presence and past endorsement of Biden, there’s speculation about her potential impact on mobilizing voter turnout and fundraising efforts for the Democratic Party.

While Biden’s campaign is actively engaging influencers and celebrities to amplify their message, Vice President Harris is prioritizing direct engagement with young voters, emphasizing their unique perspectives and experiences.

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