CIA Director Calls For GOP Senator To Be ‘Removed From The Human Race’

A former director for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) during the administrations of former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama expressed strong criticism towards X during a recent event, including a remark directed at a Republican senator that might be interpreted as an implicit endorsement of assassination.

In response to a post on platform X, Michael Hayden, who served as the chief executive of the intelligence agency from 2006 to 2009, expressed his opinion on the matter of whether U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) should be removed from the Senate Armed Services Committee. This consideration arises due to Senator Tuberville’s obstruction of military appointments in light of a recently implemented policy that permits reimbursement of abortion-related expenses for female service members. The delay has incited strong disapproval among prominent figures in the country’s military leadership, such as Hayden, who attribute responsibility on the newly elected legislator for placing greater importance on their political beliefs rather than the preparedness of the armed forces.

“How about the human race?” Hayden replied in a now-deleted post.

Former CIA director – who lied to cover for Hunter Biden – has apparently just called for the death of US senator Tommy Tuberville

— Libby Emmons (@libbyemmons) October 10, 2023

In the concluding weeks of the 2020 presidential campaign, Hayden, along with 49 other former high-ranking U.S. intelligence officials, affixed their signatures to an open letter denouncing Hunter Biden’s laptop as a manifestation of “Russian disinformation.” This campaign is said to have been perhaps sponsored by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. Subsequent independent reports have substantiated the authenticity of the laptop, which serves as evidence of Hunter’s commercial operations. These actions have shed light on the extent of President Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s business concerns.

The absence of Hayden’s article is not an isolated incident, as it is not the initial instance in which he has expressed criticism towards Senator Tuberville. In the previous year, he expressed his disagreement with the senator’s suggestion that the United States would jeopardize its diplomatic ties with Russia by aligning itself with any party involved in the conflict with Ukraine, employing the term “idiot” to convey his disapproval.

Sen. Tuberville’s vote against Air Force General Charles Q. Brown Jr.’s appointment in September prompted Hayden to joke that it’s “not wrong to say that he is a racist.”

I have aphasia. Sometimes my meaning isn’t clear. What I meant to say is Tuberville absolutely is a racist. Or, in other words, it is not wrong to say he is a racist.

— Gen Michael Hayden (@GenMhayden) September 29, 2023

Hayden was charged with lying to Congress while leading the CIA regarding “enhanced interrogation techniques” approved by the Bush administration, which afterwards came to be known as waterboarding. After he retired, he supported the peace agreement signed by President Obama with Iran, declaring that “We have accepted Iranian uranium enrichment” as a norm that the theocratic country could live with. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, Iran gave Hamas military and logistical support during its onslaught on Israel over the weekend, which resulted in the murder of over 900 civilians—the largest Jewish massacre since the Holocaust.

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