Court Employee Tries To Confront Trump In Court – Immediately Pays The Price

During the civil fraud trial involving Donald Trump, a somebody in the audience was apprehended on Wednesday for rising from their seat during testimony and proceeding towards the front of the courtroom where former president Trump was seated.

The female individual conveyed her intention to provide assistance to President Trump, while the judicial system asserted that neither he nor any other individuals involved in the trial were subjected to any form of peril.

The individual, subsequently recognized as an employee of the court system, withdrew from the situation following a directive from a court official instructing her to resume her position. According to court spokesperson Lucian Chalfen, the individual was subsequently led out by officials and apprehended on a charge of contempt for causing disruption during a court procedure.

According to Chalfen, the woman expressed her desire to assist Trump by vocalization, however the journalists present in the courtroom did not perceive any audible elevation in her speech. Subsequently, her vocalizations were perceptible within the confines of the courthouse foyer, as law enforcement officials proceeded to escort her out of the premises.

The woman was observed expressing her concerns to court personnel on an NBC camera, asserting her right to be present while expressing her fear. I am a citizen of the Unit“You’re scaring me,” she said, adding, “and I have a right to be here. I’m an American citizen, and I’m also a court employee. I’m also just here to support Donald Trump.”

The individual proceeded to express that she had been observing the proceedings in a calm manner and had adhered to the instructions of a court official, who had advised her to refrain from causing any further disruptions.

According to Chalfen, the individual, whose identity has not been disclosed, has been sent to administrative leave and restricted from accessing state courts as an ongoing investigation is conducted by the authorities.

It appears that Trump was evidently uninformed of the altercation. Inquired just prior to departing the courthouse, Trump inquired as to the identity of the court official in question, stating, “Who got arrested? We didn’t know anything about it.

“You know who should be arrested? The attorney general for what she’s doing.”

The individual who was apprehended subsequent to her attempt to approach former President Donald Trump inside a Manhattan courtroom on Wednesday has been recognized as a secretary employed for a judge residing in Queens, who has previously encountered legal complications.

According to police sources, Jenny Hannigan, who professed her intention to assist Trump, was apprehended in 2015 following an outburst at a gas station in Brooklyn.

According to sources from the police department, it has been reported that Hannigan is believed to have caused damage to a credit card machine. Consequently, Hannigan has been charged with the offense of resisting arrest. This information was shared with The Post.

In a preceding period of two years, Hannigan initiated legal proceedings at the federal level against law enforcement officers from Nassau County, alleging that she had a sexual assault incident within the confines of a police vehicle subsequent to being apprehended for driving under the influence in 2011.

According to prior reports by The Post, Officer Gary Zima purportedly engaged in the act of inserting his hands and fingers into and around the vaginal region of Hannigan subsequent to her placement in the rear of the vehicle.

According to a report by CBS New York, the internal inquiry into the assault claim against Zima yielded a “undetermined” outcome. However, Zima was accused of policy violation for sending a text message to Hannigan three days after the arrest, inquiring about her well-being.

According to available court records, Hannigan reached a settlement with Nassau County and the police in February 2016 for an undisclosed amount.

During the trial, there was another noteworthy occurrence when President Trump, displaying signs of impatience, engaged in agitated discussions with his legal team while real estate appraiser Doug Larson provided testimony regarding his encounters with a Trump firm officer.

The State lawyer, Kevin Wallace, requested that Judge Arthur Engoron intervene and instruct the defense to refrain from making comments while the witness was testifying. Wallace also noted that these remarks were clearly audible from the witness’ location within the room. Subsequently, the presiding judge requested all individuals present to maintain a subdued vocal volume, particularly in instances where such vocalizations are intended to exert an influence on the content of the testimony.

The lawsuit, initiated by Attorney General Letitia James of New York, alleges that Trump and his company engaged in deceptive practices by providing banks and insurers with significantly exaggerated representations of Trump’s net worth and the value of his assets. The court case currently under consideration pertains to the outstanding allegations of conspiracy, insurance fraud, and falsification of business documents, after Engoron’s previous ruling that Trump and his company were found guilty of fraud.

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