Cruz: Biden Has Power to Secure Border by Reversing His Executive Decisions

A host of distinguished Republican senators articulated their collective dissent at a Tuesday press conference, voicing strong opposition to the recently proposed border bill which promotes increased migration. The bill was introduced just this past Sunday, and the resolute figures within the Republican party promptly voiced their objection. President Joe Biden, they stressed, is already endowed with the executive power necessary to address the escalating situation at the border of the South, a region wracked by crisis.

Seven senators, each conservatively driven in their political viewpoints, unitedly voiced their displeasure with the bill during the media briefing. Every single senator took the opportunity to underscore their reasons for being against this new legislative proposition.

In conversation with members of the press, Senator Cruz asserted that President Biden is the root cause of the border crisis, laying the foundation for this predicament with a trifecta of executive orders in his inaugural week of presidency. The Senator pointed out that the President is wholly capable of overturning these decisions at will, if he so chooses.

Cruz went on to challenge the views of President Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer with regards to border security, implying a lack of desire on their part to enforce tighter security measures on the border. The Senator extrapolated the current situation to suggest that it facilitates an influx of around 1.8 million migrants each year.

House Speaker, Mike Johnson, cast a light on the dim prospects for the proposed bill within the chambers of the House of Representatives. The likelihood of the bill making a successful transition from Senate to House Representatives, he indicated, is slender at best.

In his articulate address, Cruz also suggested a deeper political undercurrent at play given the nature and timing of this controversial bill. The senator posited that this bill is a tool of political subterfuge designed to offer Democrats a certain level of cover in the upcoming elections in November. He categorically stated that the bill lacks the substantive validity required to be transformed into enforceable law.

Senator Marshall followed Cruz on the podium and reinforced his fellow senator’s sentiments. Agreeing with Cruz, he stated that President Biden had every opportunity to enforce firmer border controls but chose not to, an objective that never was on his radar to begin with.

Senator Vance echoed these views during his turn in the spotlight. The issue at hand boils down to the simple fact that President Biden has an arsenal of tools and existing authority at his disposal to end the border crisis immediately, Vance reiterated.

Drilling down into the politics and provisions of the situation, the Ohio senator made it clear that Republicans have been endeavoring to push the president to use his existing legal power more effectively. However, this proposed legislation, he argued, affords either the Secretary Mayorkas or the President to bypass these enforcement mechanisms entirely at their discretion.

What is required, Vance elaborated with conviction, is new legislation that compels the President to carry out his duties effectively, curtailing his discretionary power and enforcing law and order more stringently. Despite this, the current bill does not serve this purpose, leaving the Republicans unable to lend their support.

This bill is fundamentally ineffective, an argument championed by Senators Schmitt, Marshall, and Cruz. All shared a unified prediction for the bill: a swift demise.

Senator Lee reemphasized this point during an early Tuesday interview with Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily. He suggested that the chances of the border bill succeeding past the initial cloture vote seem less than probable.

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