Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips Considers Challenging Biden in 2024 Election

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips has expressed his intention to challenge President Joe Biden in the 2024 election. During the past few months, Phillips has contemplated a White House bid and communicated his aspirations to fellow House members.

As reported by Politico, he recently reached out to the New Hampshire Democratic Party and approached potential staff members to bolster his efforts in the crucial early state.

When questioned about his plans, Phillips responded with a cautious ‘we’ll see,’ indicating that he is seriously considering running against Biden.

One of the reasons behind Phillips’ potential candidacy is his concern about Biden’s electability and the lack of alternatives in the Democratic primary field. Additionally, he has raised questions about the president’s age.

Looking at the RealClearPolitics average for the 2024 national Democratic primary, which incorporates polls conducted between September 8 and October 7, Biden currently leads with 61.3% support. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who recently transitioned to running as an independent, follows with 14.5% support, while Marianne Williamson stands at 4%.

In late September, during an interview with podcaster Steve Schmidt, Phillips emphasized that democracy thrives on choices and competition. He expressed concern about the absence of alternatives and his worries that unexpected events could turn the Democratic Convention in Chicago next November into an unmitigated disaster.

Phillips acknowledges that the Democratic Party needs to act as the responsible adults in the political landscape but feels that there may be shortcomings in their electoral strategy. Therefore, he entertained the idea of entering the race.

Recent polls indicate that former President Donald Trump, who leads the Republican primary field nationally by over 40 points, would potentially defeat Biden in significant battleground states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. These findings contribute to Phillips’ decision to consider a run against the incumbent president.

The congressman from Minnesota took a brave step by stepping down from his leadership position in the House Democratic Caucus as the co-chair of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee. He cited his convictions regarding the 2024 race as a reason for his resignation.

Phillips emphasized that his resignation was not due to pressure or coercion but instead stemmed from the mismatch between his convictions and the positions held by his colleagues.

On Twitter, he mentioned that while official work and politics do not typically intersect, his personal beliefs about the upcoming election clashed with his role in the caucus. Phillips commended Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and Representative Joe Neguse, the DPCC Chair, for their inclusive and principled leadership.

He expressed his commitment to prioritizing people over politics and encouraged his fellow representatives and the nation to join him in this pursuit.

The Daily Caller News Foundation sought comments from both Phillips’ political campaign and Biden’s campaign, but neither responded immediately.

Phillips’ potential challenge to President Biden adds another interesting dimension to the evolving landscape of the 2024 presidential election. As the congressman inches closer to a formal announcement, the political world eagerly awaits his decision and the subsequent implications it may have on the Democratic race.

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