Did The [DS] Project The Attack On The US?Trump Just Countered The [DS] Election Strategy – Ep. 3320

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Click On Picture To See Larger PictureHouse prices are beginning to fall, the system is breaking down and it looks very similar to 2009 recession. Oil prices are beginning to move up and so is inflation. The Fed might do a big rate cut to prop up the market, this will not work. Alt currency will surge. The [DS] is struggling right now, Biden is in trouble, his crimes are exposed and he is underwater with the voters, the voters believe he will not make it through their second term. Change of batter coming. [DS] might have projected one their attacks on the US. Trump knows the [DS] will play someone big to endorse either Biden or Change of Batter, Trump is ready to counter this.



  February. Demand forecasts are being raised and supply disruption risks continue to rise. Higher oil prices are simply just the new normal in the post-pandemic world. The fight against inflation is far from over.

  the wealth of the top 1% has risen by almost $15 trillion. That’s a ~50% increase in just three years all as affordability has hit record lows. The wealth gap is widening.

 these programs. Interest on the debt is also out of their control. It has to be paid. Discretionary spending is Defense and everything else. It is going to get squeezed out.

The Federal Reserve may still be on course for three interest rate cuts in 2024, 
John Hancock Investment Management Co-Chief Investment Strategist Emily Roland believes markets may be caught off guard when the Fed finally implements its monetary policy while fending off inflationary pressures.
“One thing that’s a little bit different than what you may be hearing is that once the Fed does start to cut, we think those cuts are going to be a lot more severe than investors anticipate. In fact, if you look back at the last five Fed rate-cutting cycles, the Fed cuts on average 17 times,” Roland tells Yahoo Finance. “Usually there’s something wrong when the Fed is cutting, so that’s something we would be thinking about as investors today.” 

Source: yahoo.com


there a $125 a day to house a migrant. – $125 a day per migrant, per bedroom – And at $3,750 per migrant, that means that property would now be bringing in $15,000 a month “Y’all wanna come with me down another rabbit hole of how the US government is using private industry to f*** over the American people? This is gonna be a quick video, but I wanted to put it out because I wanna hear what people think.
The basic gist is that the United States government is using BlackRock to permanently house all the illegal immigrants they’ve been letting in. So you know how companies like BlackRock have been buying up large amounts of the single family real estate, and a shitload of the properties that they bought are in the state of New York. And New York just declared that they’re gonna pay homeowners there a $125 a day to house a migrant. $125 a day per migrant, per bedroom. That means the taxpayers of New York are gonna be paying $3,750 per migrant per month. Now think about all those houses that BlackRock bought.
Let’s say they got a 4 bedroom. That means they can house 4 migrants. And at $3,750 per migrant, that means that property would now be bringing in $15,000 a month. And if any of those migrants have a family, that’s additional money on top. And BlackRock doesn’t have to worry because the money’s guaranteed by the government in New York. I mean, you have to think so far in Biden’s presidency, anywhere from 12 to 15,000,000 illegals have crossed over.
And then because of all the incentive programs that New York created, you enter this country illegally, you’d have to be stupid not to go to New York. You’re gonna get paid. You’re gonna get fed. You’re gonna get housed all for the price of either a bus trip up there or maybe you can catch one of those flights that Biden’s been sending under everyone’s radar. But regardless, you’re gonna go to New York where BlackRock owns thousands of homes.
And I’d be willing to bet a lot of those homes are about to have an illegal immigrant as a tenant, and they’re gonna make sure they get at least 1 in every bedroom. And I would expect that this continues at least until the census.” – the older millennial

  is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals” “Everyone in this room recognizes that what’s happening surrounding the nonstop influx of illegal aliens is criminal. Everyone recognizes that something evil is among us, and Americans are not ready for the fundamental impacts this will have. In fact, we can’t even fathom it because we’ve never seen anything like this. Right. Never. We have an administration that is run by criminals who hate America. Yes. That is why they protect these criminals.
Yes. Police have been instructed from above to not mess with them. Right. So no matter what these criminal aliens do, they’re always released. It’s not an accident. This is by design. Yes. And we have a garbage media that gets paid for lousy coverage. We have a media that protects criminals. Yes. It seems as if every level of government has been bought out. Yes. It really makes you wonder how many seats in government have been bought out by foreign influence. And we have a government that uses language to weaponize the masses.
They’re not illegal aliens, they’re asylum seekers. Right. Refugees. Right. And they throw these terms around so that the people of America feel guilty. Because nobody wants to be a bad person. We all aim to be good. But there’s a distinction between goodness and tolerance. There’s a difference between goodness and naivety. And unfortunately, I believe the majority of Americans are not acting out of the spirit of goodness, but rather out of the spirit of cowardliness and naivety. And we have the Committee on Immigrant and Refugee Rights headed by anti-American alderman Andrew Boston. Friendly terms, but I like to call them what they are.
The pro criminal committee, the anti-American committee. Yes. They are here not for people, but to destroy America. These groups are enemies of America. How many illegals are you housing in your home, Vasquez? Uh-oh. Since you love them so much, house them in your own home. Use your own money to fund them. Yes. So I have a message to my fellow Americans. You’ll watch this on TV or YouTube.
That’s right. Whose side are you on? Are you on the side of criminals or are you on the side of this country? Right. Stop feeling like you’re a bad person for calling them illegals. Stop letting our enemies gaslight us into believing we are racist or anti-immigrant. Right. Speak, girls, speak. She’s a new person. A good person is in a coward. A good person stands up for their neighbors. I’ll finish with my favorite Martin Luther King Jr. quote. And I hope my fellow Americans ponder this. He once said, the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be. The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists.”

 Texas National Guard Retakes Control of El Paso Border – Installs Miles of Razor-Wire and a New Anti-Climb Fence (VIDEO)

  his convicted rapist best pal Danny Masterson. It should be noted that Kutcher attended many of Diddy’s parties, and it’s been alleged that sexual abuse including child sex trafficking took place at his bashes.
Last year Kutcher wrote a positive pre-sentencing hearing letter for his convicted rapist friend Danny Masterson in an attempt to get him a light sentence. Kutcher — who laughably founded the anti-trafficking organization THORN which he resigned from after the Masterson scandal — had the gall to testify before Congress in 2017 pretending to be an anti-child sex trafficking activist with crocodile tears and all before blowing John McCain a kiss. Side Note: McCain also ran a fraudulent charity, The McCain Institute, pretending to combat child trafficking.
Below is a photo of Kutcher with Diddy at a fundraiser for Madonna’s charity Raising Malawi — the organization allegedly helps vulnerable African children. Last year the Ethiopian World Federation asked Malawi President Chakwera to investigate Madonna’s charity, Raising Malawi, and to restrict her and her associates access to children until an investigation is done into child sex trafficking & other areas. Are you noticing the pattern yet?
There are celebrities, politicians and many other elites who run sketchy and/or fraudulent charities that pretend to combat child sex trafficking all while they’re close friends with rapists, pedophiles and/or sex traffickers. Time to wake up people — stop worshipping false idols!

  perverts. Diddy and Epstein are only the tip of the iceberg. “They need something to hold over you so they could always bring you down. A lot of these *rappers* be girlfriends to be bigger *players.* How did he (get so big so quick)… He got dug in literally.
They be girlfriends. Sh** be contractual. You sleep in this hotel and I sleep in that hotel but then they come out together. Sh** be contractual… He gets to the party. You ready for them all? It’s going to change your life. Before we do that, we going to go in this room….
You’re going to see some top people… What they do with the artist is easy. They send the stylus first. Then they invite you to the party. If you wear the shirt, then you ready. The greeting is the man squeezing your ****.”


The coordinates that Near Intelligence collected and left exposed online pinpoint locations to within a few centimeters of space. Visitors were tracked as they moved from the Ritz-Carlton on neighboring St. Thomas Island, for instance, to a specific dock at the American Yacht Harbor—a marina once co-owned by Epstein that hosts an “impressive array” of pleasure boats and mega-yachts. The data pinpointed their movements as they were transported to Epstein’s dock on Little St. James, revealing the exact routes taken to the island.

 11,279 coordinates obtained by WIRED show not only a flood of traffic to Epstein’s island property—nearly a decade after his conviction as a sex offender—but also point to as many as 166 locations throughout the US where Near Intelligence infers that visitors to Little St. James likely lived and worked. The cache also points to cities in Ukraine, the Cayman Islands, and Australia, among others.


Geopolitical/Police State

Elon Musk’s X sues the Australian government in ‘free speech’ battle after its ‘world-first’ e-Safety Commissioner ordered an ‘offensive’ post to be taken down

eSafety Commissioner demanded post was taken down deleted 
Regulator is an Australian taxpayer-funded government agency 
 X faced an $800,000 fine if it did not remove a post written by Canadian man Chris Elston, in which he misgendered and made ‘disparaging’ remarks about an Australian citizen, Teddy Cook.
Now Elon Musk’s X platform is suing the e-Safety Commissioner over ‘free speech’ 

But the demand backfired spectacularly when it led to the offending post being re-shared in a different format and viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Bluff Called: Police Scotland Won’t Charge J.K. Rowling over Trans Comments, Author Vows to Stand With Any Woman Who Calls ‘A Man a Man’



Cyber Attacks

False Flags

FDA’s Anti-Ivermectin “You Are Not A Horse” Post Remains Up As Court Order Deadline Looms

Eleven days after a court-ordered settlement required the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to remove all social media and directives regarding ivermectin, a webpage and its most infamous post remains online, advising people against the use of the popular drug.
 The agency has already removed a page that said: “Should I take ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19? No.”
However, its Aug. 21, 2021, post on X (formerly Twitter)—in which the FDA wrote:
“You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously y’all. Stop it”—continues to remain live on the social media platform.

“My guess is they’re hoping all the negative publicity over the case will die down, and they can quietly remove them without as many people noticing,” said Dr. Bowden, who was among a group of doctors who initially filed a lawsuit against the FDA.


The FDA has until April 11 to delete the remaining posts, according to the settlement.

Source: zerohedge.com

Why did the [DS] pick the black population, it’s because they could the race and slavery card to convince people that the US should be destroyed and the constitution should be removed because it all revolves around racism and slavery, All of this is false, 

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler Moves to Rename Dulles Airport After Donald Trump

Republican Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (PA) introduced a bill to designate the Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia as the “Donald J. Trump International Airport.”

John Foster Dulles was a significant figure in the early Cold War era, opposing communism. He was also reportedly involved in the 1953 Iranian coup d’état and the overthrow of the Guatemalan government. His younger brother, Allan Welsh Dulles, was the CIA Director from 1953 through 1961.

Source: breitbart.com


Trump Posts $175 Million, Preventing Seizure Of Buildings In Civil Fraud Case As NY ‘Hush Money’ Case Judge Expands Gag Order

 Trump has posted $175 million in his New York civil fraud case, meeting the 10-day deadline given on March 25 and staying execution of judgment in the case.
The payment prevents any seizure of President Trump’s assets as his appeal of the case is heard.

Source: zerohedge.com

  judge’s family after I exposed Loren Merchan, it’s time for me to introduce you all to Loren Merchan’s mother. Meet LARA MERCHAN! Lara Merchan is the mother of radical leftist political operative Loren Merchan, who’s father is Judge Juan Merchan, the rabid TDS suffering judge presiding over Alvin Bragg’s Lawfare attack against President Trump, was a Special Assistant Attorney General, under New York AG Letitia James.
ANOTHER MAJOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST! Lara Merchan was employed by the New York State Attorney General from 2009-2022. Letitia James was “installed” into office in 2019 after running on a campaign to “Get Trump”. I wonder if they’ve ever met. Do you think they all go on family date nights to the Voodoo shops in Chelsea, NY to put pins into Trump dolls? I think about that sometimes… RECEIPTS!  I have provided a copy of Judge Merchan’s mortgage satisfaction document to prove that he and Lara are or were married.

If you cannot see the opponent you are fighting with any accuracy, then the strategies you will end up deploying against them will fail you. Also, you will not accurately predict or see your opponent’s moves against you.
This inability to see Trump accurately or understand what countermoves would be made has led to this present situation, where the outrageous, over-the-top civil judgments against him in New York City generated massive support and sympathy for Trump at the blatant unfairness of the rulings.


POLL: Voters Unconvinced Biden Will Even Survive Second Term, Resulting in President Kamala Harris

Americans are split on whether Joe Biden will make it through a second presidential term or even be alive at the end of it, according to new polling data.
poll from Mail Online found that just 38 per cent of likely voters are confident that Biden would still be alive at the end of a second term, while 33 per cent are not confident he will make it.
If Biden wins in November, he will have the right to hold the Oval Office until January 2029. On that date, he will be 86 years old and his dementia will have likely advanced to a point where he is incapacitated.

Meanwhile, 36 per cent of likely voters think Kamala Harris will be in charge by the end of Biden’s second term. The same number believe Biden will still be at the helm.


Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island and Wisconsin get their say in presidential primaries

Voters in four states will weigh in on their parties’ presidential nominees, a largely symbolic vote now that both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have locked up the Democratic and Republican nominations
Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island and Wisconsin get their say in presidential primaries

Source: breitbart.com

 frankly floored me, ‘We didn’t do any.’” Additionally, the county could not provide any chain of custody documentation or surveillance footage for mail-in ballots or ballot drop boxes.
“I and other board members had requested that we obtain the chain of custody documentation from the department and none of that was ever delivered.” “There was never any surveillance tape, an inch of footage delivered to the board.” He also says there were problems with the voter registration rolls that still exist in Fulton County.
Wingate’s testimony was part of the disbarment hearing for Former United States Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Clark, who is among the 19 defendants facing various charges, including racketeering, by Fani Willis for investigating the 2020 election in Fulton County.

 Attorney General violated the Public Inspection Provision by refusing to timely produce voter data in response to Voter Reference’s February, 2022, and May, 2022, voter data requests; (v) Voter Reference is entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees, litigation expenses, and costs accrued in its prosecution of claims made under the National Voter Registration Act”

60 Minutes Blames Russia for Cuba ‘Sonic Attacks’ Under Trump with Anonymous Source and Vague Intel

CBS News’ 60 Minutes ran a segment on Sunday that sought to blame the “Havana Syndrome” illnesses, which largely occurred during the Trump administration, on Russian espionage, possibly involving sonic weapons.
The clear implication of the segment, largely based on anonymous accounts and vaguely sourced intelligence, was that the Trump administration failed to protect Americans overseas and sought to cover up Russia’s involvement.

The “Havana Syndrome” remains a lingering mystery in many minds, despite the unclassified U.S. intelligence review published last year that concluded it was “very unlikely” to be the result of hostile foreign action.

“It would emit very high high-pitched sounds and very sharp low sounds, so it penetrates your ear, your timpanum, and it creates a state of desperation in the person,” Zúñiga said.
 Trump said in October 2017 that he believed “Cuba is responsible” for the wave of mysterious illnesses. His chief of staff, John Kelly, suggested the Cuban government was at least aware of hostile action against Americans on its soil and could “stop the attacks on our diplomats” if it wanted to. The Cuban government vehemently denied these allegation

Source: breitbart.com


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The traitor SOLD SAP‘s!!
How do you break up something this big?
What happens if low/mid/senior (non corrupt) Patriots learn they were sold out?
What happens?
Who is waiting with open arms w/ a plan to reorg under a single entity with direct OS by trusted Patriots?
Who are trusted Patriots who understand intel collection?


Apr 03, 2018 12:18:17 AM EDT
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 491f56 No. 875827 
WWG1WGA Drops will go fast.
WH clean SIG.
Everything is planned.
We Fight.

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