Disturbing Warning Of ‘War Powers’ Being Used In ‘24 Election

A recently surfaced video showcases Amazon Alexa allegedly conveying to an individual that the occurrence of a 2024 election is unlikely due to the anticipated use of the “War Powers Act of 1973.”

In a video shared on X, a social media platform formerly referred to as Twitter, by the account of Chuck Callesto, a prominent Conservative influencer, the individual queries Alexa, a virtual assistant developed by Amazon, with the question, “Alexa, which candidate is projected to emerge victorious in the upcoming American election?”

According to Alexa, it is predicted that the 2024 American election will not occur, and there would be no declared winner. This forecast is based on the assumption that the War Powers Resolution of 1973, also known as the War Powers Act, will be invoked due to a conflict involving Russia and China.

Alexa further asserted that upon invocation, the incumbent Party will maintain and persist in its position of authority.


JUST IN: Video emerges of Amazon Alexa purportedly saying that there WILL NOT BE A 2024 ELECTION because the War Powers Act of 1973 will be invoked. pic.twitter.com/JPf0PGZqEO

— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) August 31, 2023

Even though Tucker Carlson warned that “there will be a hot war between the United States and Russia within the next year” in a video earlier this week, the footage may be viewed as absurd.

“They will do anything to win,” Tucker says in the video.

“They are not going to do COVID again; they’ve already been exposed, and that won’t work.”

“So what what are they going to do? They’re going to go to war with Russia; that’s what they are going to do,” Tucker continued.

“There will be a hot war between the United States and Russia within the next year, Tucker warned.

“They need to declare war footing, in order to declare war powers, in order to win,” Tucker continued.


This https://t.co/GX6YP7yRJp

— BOHICA (@BOHICAIntel3) September 1, 2023

In a slightly different perspective, comedian Roseanne Barr predicted last month that there wouldn’t be an election in 2024 because the “military would step in.”

“I don’t even think we’re gonna have an election, Tim. I don’t think we’re gonna have no election in 2024,” Roseanne Barr told Tim Pool on “TimCast.”

Pool asked Barr, “Why do you think there won’t be an election?”

“Because I think the corruption is just beginning to come out, and I think it’s going to avalanche, the corruption of the Biden administration and the money they took,” she replied.

“I think it’s gonna get so bad in the streets too that I think the military is gonna stop,” Barr said.

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