Don Jr.’s Fiancée Loses It In Live Interview When Newsmax Host Asks One Question

During an interview conducted by Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly with Kimberly Guilfoyle, the fiancé of Donald Trump Jr., an unexpected turn of events occurred when Kelly referred to Donald Trump as her “potential father-in-law.”

“So obviously this atrocity unfolds, your potential father-in-law under arrest. But you know what? It’s turning up roses,” Kelly said upon welcoming Guilfoyle to his show.

Guilfoyle expressed discontent. “Potential? Future father-in-law. Jesus,” she fired back.

Following Kelly’s inquiry, he asked, “Is it sealed? Is a date set yet? To which Guilfoyle retorted, “Oh, not that I’m sharing on the air.”

The Newsmax host conceded, “Fair enough. Hey, I’m glad. I didn’t realize. There’s a ring. Fantastic, that’s great news.”

This awkward remark also didn’t sit well with Guilfoyle, who responded mockingly, saying, “We’ve been engaged babe for two years, but we’ll take this breaking news alert. That’s hysterical.”

The engagement between Guilfoyle and Trump Jr. in 2020 has been widely known for over eighteen months.

Kelly further exacerbated the already uncomfortable situation by interjecting with the remark, “Well, I mean, alright. Look, we need— What’s he waiting for?”

“We need more Trump,” Guilfoyle bluntly declared.

During the subsequent portion of the interview, Guilfoyle strongly criticized President Joe Biden, referring to him as “the placeholder-in-chief.” She expressed her belief that Biden is merely occupying the position without actively fulfilling its responsibilities, likening him to an unclean and vacant placemat. Guilfoyle further speculated that there may come a point when the decision-makers behind Biden’s administration will decide to replace him with another candidate, potentially Vice President Kamala Harris, whom she characterized as someone who laughs in a cackling manner. Guilfoyle suggested that the replacement would be chosen based on their perceived suitability to compete against former President Donald Trump.

There has been a growing suggestion that Gavin Newsom, the former spouse of Guilfoyle and the current Governor of California, is being considered as a prospective Democratic candidate to replace or serve as an alternative to President Biden in the upcoming 2024 election.

See the exchange via Newsmax in all its awkwardness:

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