Donald Trump Set to Deliver Final Remarks in Upcoming Debate After Winning Coin Flip 

In the upcoming discourse between former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden, fate paves the way for Trump to have the ultimate ending remark. After a coin toss meant to establish the debate’s logistics, Biden’s campaign opted to prioritize his position at the podium over the sequence of concluding comments. Consequently, viewers will see Biden on their screens’ right side, with Trump appearing on the left, according to a report by CNN.

This arrangement ensures that Biden will be the first to deliver his final thoughts, effectively granting Trump the last word at the debate. The circumstances surrounding Thursday’s session are noteworthy for it presents the first opportunity for Trump and Biden to spar in a presidential debate, a novel experience for both. Biden didn’t face a formidable opponent for the Democratic nomination, and Trump refrained from participating in the Republican primary debates in 2020.

Trump’s opportunity to conclude the debate holds a certain significance considering his resentments about procedural procedures from the past. The president had expressed frustration when he, implicated in a hush-money case, didn’t have the final say, despite standard courtroom norms giving the prosecution concluding rights. This deviation from a typical legal scenario presents a unique opportunity for Trump.

Media channels, including CNN, have expressed concern about President Biden’s performance at the upcoming debate. Jamal Simmons, a political commentator with CNN, opined that Biden should present a more youthful and energetic demeanor during discussions. He intimated that Biden’s ‘resting old face’ could be detrimental to his overall performance and ability to connect with voters.

People curious about the outcome of the June 27 debate engaged in discursive conversations on CNN. The discussion panel included Kaitlan Collins, Bakari Sellers, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and former Trump adviser, David Urban. Simmons posed his concerns about Biden’s vague plans for a second term, describing them as intangible and lacking a clear direction.

Bakari Sellers, sharing Simmons’ concerns, explained that Biden failed to convey a future-oriented vision. He reasoned that age might limit Biden’s ability to inspire, adding, ‘It’s challenging for someone 81 years old to craft a vision for a future they may not be a part of. If he manages to excel in this aspect, results could be intriguing,’ said Sellers.

The debate rules have been outlined with strict provisions. There will be a lack of live audience, and neither candidate can consult their campaign teams during breaks. Use of aids and notes is prohibited, and the opposition’s mic will be muted while one speaks. These rules were curated to maintain a fair and focused debate environment.

David Urban, former Trump adviser, opined on how Trump could navigate the debate successfully. He advised Trump to allow Biden space to articulate his thoughts. ‘If Trump proved astute, he would simply ask the crowd, ‘are you better off now than you were four years ago’ and then allow Biden to respond. Let Biden articulate his stance because he has a four-year track record to defend,’ Urban expressed.

Analyzing the impact of no live audience, Alyssa Farah Griffin speculated that this scenario might play to Trump’s advantage. Without the usual crowd’s energy, Trump might not be prone to his typical flamboyant behavior. This could temper his performance and enable a more engaging discourse. She raised concerns about Biden’s ability to maintain his energy throughout a 90-minute conversation without live feedback.

CNN’s Van Jones recognized the high stakes of this debate for Biden’s political standing. ‘If Biden stumbles, it could mean major setbacks for his campaign. If a drop in polls follows his performance, it could send alarm bells ringing within the party,’ Jones considered.

‘However, if Biden manages to hold his own against the formidable Trump — a force of nature, relentlessly pressing forward — it would prove his worth for another presidential term. Surviving Trump’s onslaught is a formidable task,’ he concluded.

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