Donald Trump Unleashes on Fox News’ Bret Baier

It was just a little over a week ago when we found out from insiders who disclosed that Fox News’ corporate donations program matches employee payments to some of the nation’s most leftist and anti-Christian organizations, continuing the company’s gradual drip of embarrassing revelations.

The network’s “Fox Giving” gateway allows workers to see the contributions they make matched to extreme left groups like Planned Parenthood as well as the Satanic Temple, according to The Blaze, which spoke with two active Fox employees and one previous employee. All spoke anonymously in order to discuss a development that will serve as yet another major blow to the network which has struggled after firing it’s top star, Tucker Carlson.

With that said, it should be no surprise the network is desperately doing the bidding of the GOP’s donor class who don’t want Trump to be the nominee for 2024.

In a late-night posting frenzy on his social media network Truth Social, the former president attacked Fox host Bret Baier, Ron DeSantis, and a number of other rivals.

After midnight on Tuesday, Trump posted something to Twitter that read, “MAGA, which is most of the Republican Party, is very angry at FoxNews for continuing to push Ron DeSanctimonious, no personality and all, and guys like Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, who couldn’t even start a presidential run because of zero poll numbers, whose got his father’s look, but not his father’s brain.”

In another, he stated, “In almost every poll, DeSanctimonious loses to Biden, while I am far ahead of Biden, Bret Baier of FoxNews (of course!) should have stated this fact during his SOFTBALL interview of DeSanctus,” criticizing Baier for his Monday night interview with Desantis.

Amy Baier and Bret Baier attend the 42nd Annual Kennedy Center Honors Kennedy Center on December 08, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

“There are polls showing a 71 to 12 points up margin, but Fox just doesn’t want to go there. Why do you think I’m being Indicted every hour by the Left? I got DeSanctus elected, or he was “dead” at 3%, out of politics. Now he’s GONE once more, even with all of this CRAZY help from Fox – 2016 all over again!” Trump added.

For an additional punch, he attacked Karl Rove at the conclusion of the post: “He was interviewed today on FoxNews and has a serious case, along with Creepy Karl Rove, of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Republican Version. These guys should forget their failures!”

Additionally, Trump asserted that Fox News’ ratings were cut in half “because they are not MAGA strong and not MAGA SMART. It can be saved, but it won’t be easy!”

“Why does FoxNews keep featuring ‘losers’ like failed Presidential candidates ‘Aida’ Hutchinson, Crybaby Chris Sununu, who was ready to ‘run’ when he realized he was polling at ZERO, and Sloppy Chris Christie? Doesn’t make sense, nobody wants to watch them!” he added in a subsequent post.

In yet another post, Trump attacked William Barr, his own attorney general when he was president, hilariously labeling him “a marshmallow” and “A COWARD RINO.”

Following those remarks, Trump “Re-Truthed” a flurry of images from his backers that branded Fox “fake news,” disparaging leftists as “rotten commies,” and projecting a picture of DeSantis and Fox News onto the Titanic.

The former president then watched Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox which he enjoyed based on his reaction. The segment was about Hunter Biden and the investigation into alleged Biden family corruption.

“Wow! “Crooked Joe Biden was on dozen’s of calls with Hunter’s Business Associates. He lied, said he didn’t know anything about his son’s business. Demanded the Ukrainian prosecutor be fired, immediately.” Laura Ingraham, Fox News. “This is AMAZINGLY CORRUPT BEHAVIOR,” Mollie Hemingway.”

He added, “This is really bad news for Biden, which means I will probably be Indicted again, soon, in order to kill the News Cycle!!! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”

Trump then posted a segment from Fox’s Jesse Watter’s prime time show which covered former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer who testified before the House on Monday.

Trump declared “THE DAM IS BREAKING.”

Regarding Fox News’s matching donations to leftist organizations, staff members demonstrated to The Blaze how to donate to organizations that have at different times come under fire from the historically center-right network for backing Democratic politicians and anti-religious campaigns by using the “” link. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which ironically criticized the media company for making money off its “extremist” ex-primetime show Tucker Carlson, is one of Fox’s prospective winners. The Fox network will match staff contributions to a maximum of $1,000.

One active worker summed up the network’s contribution program’s duplicity.

“Fox pretends to care about Christians, but some of the stuff they push internally suggests otherwise. Glory holes, trans surgeries for kids, and potential donations to the Satanic Temple are a huge slap in the face to every Christian at the company, and we resent it,” the statement continued, adding, “It offends me personally that this company acts like they support Christians and yet they’re literally willing to match $1,000 donation to the Satanic Temple.”

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