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Click On Picture To See Larger PictureThe farmers are sticking together and the EU is now backing down. The people must continue to push until the EU stops what they are doing. Biden is now going to give Martha Vineyard is low income and they qualify for EV charges. The economy is breaking down and Obama is very worried about Bitcoin.  The [DS] plan is not going the way they thought. Biden said the quiet part out loud and says that the illegals need a fast path to citizenship so they can vote in the election so far their plan is not working. What the people are witnessing is the destruction of the old guard. The people will pushed to the brink where they can’t take it anymore and they will finally find the will change. The people of this country are watching the [DS] trial and they will make their ruling during the Presidential Election.



Spanish Farmers Join the European Agricultural Revolt – Promised Concessions by the EU Have Not Stopped the Movement  

The old continent is in a trance ahead of the June European Parliament elections, that are poised to give populist, right wingers more power than ever.
Add to that the fact that farmers are staging unprecedented protests all across the continent, from east to west, from north to south.

A non-exhausting list would include France, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Italy, now Spain, and of course Belgium – with farmers converging to Brussels to protest in front of the European Parliament. 

As it is the case everywhere else, authorities are scrambling to make some sort of concession to appease them.
“Spain’s Agriculture Ministry announced on Tuesday it would distribute an extra 269 million euros ($289 million) in aid to nearly 140,000 farmers to help alleviate the impact of the long-running drought and the war in Ukraine.”

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

The White House Says the Economy is Booming, Then Why Are You Worse Off? Here’s Why…

The economy is booming, and “Bidenomics is working,” the White House claimed, but most Americans are struggling as if it were the 1970s again.
Here is how they are intentionally misrepresenting the numbers to make the economy look better than you know it is.

In 2021, when the U.S. loosened up the lockdowns, the economy shot up, reaching a GDP growth of 5.9%. So technically, yes, under Biden, the economy soared, but it was only because the economy went negative when Fauci locked it down. 

If Bidenomics is working, as the White House claims, then his intent must have been to raise prices, drive people out of the labor market, and decrease the standard of living, because that has been the experience of most Americans.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


‘Major Differences From Trump Case’: WaPo Front-Runs DoJ Decision Not To Charge Biden Over Mishandled Classified Docs

The Washington Post reports that the Biden Justice Department does not plan to pursue criminal charges against President Biden for his mishandling of classified documents.
The DoJ is reportedly preparing to release a special counsel report in coming days that will be critical of President Biden and his aides for mishandling classified documents in Biden’s private home and former office and this WaPo report appears to be the mainstream media foaming the runway as this report crash-lands at the feet of a Republican Congress. WaPo writes:
“While the facts of the Biden case appear to have major differences from the Trump case, Hur’s conclusions are likely to face intense scrutiny from Republicans in Congress.” 

Source: zerohedge.com


Feb 07, 2020 12:29:42 PM EST
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 82fedb No. 8062147 
Why is China/Qatar donating vast sums of money to our education institutions?
Is it really so hard to believe [F] actors are able to bribe those in key positions within the US to betray their Country?




Geopolitical/Police State

House Judiciary Committee Sues FBI Agent for Defying Subpoena – Elvis Chan Who Was the Point Man Behind Govt. Censorship and the Hunter Laptop Lie Is Being Protected by Biden Regime

The House Judiciary Committee announced this week that they are suing FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan for defying a congressional subpoena.
House investigators want to question Elvis Chan on his role related to the federal government’s alleged collusion with social media companies to censor speech.
According to the committee, Elvis Chan served “as the primary liaison” between the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force and social media companies.
The committee first subpoenaed Chan in September 2023 after he refused to appear before the committee voluntarily.
Gateway Pundit readers may remember that FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan was also subpoenaed in the Missouri and Louisiana lawsuit against the Biden Administration. 

Remember The DOJ, on behalf of Biden, later tried to strong-arm Meta (Facebook) into retracting its statements identifying Chan as the source trying to coerce Meta into censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.
Thankfully, the Louisiana Federal Judge saw through this nonsense, and denied the DOJ’s request to shut down “Special” Agent Chan’s deposition.

Now the DOJ is back protecting Chan from testifying on his role in shutting down free speech in America.  This is your government at work.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Gun Owners Sue New York Over Permit Restrictions

A group of gun owners filed a lawsuit against New York over state laws that prohibit non-residents from obtaining a license to carry firearms in the state.
Under current state law, only residents of the Empire State may obtain a firearm license. The state does not have reciprocity, meaning it will not honor other state permits.
Gun Owners of America and Gun Owners Foundation filed a federal lawsuit Monday in the Northern District of New York challenging the ban. 

“The State of New York and its cadre of anti-gun politicians have done everything in their power to weaken and outright ban the Second Amendment within their borders,” Gun Owners of America’s Senior Vice President Erich Pratt said in a statement. “The Supreme Court has made clear that the right to bear arms extends to the public square, and this right is for all Americans, not just those who are residents of individual states.”

Source: dailycaller.com

Bill to Allow Armed Teachers for Classroom Defense on Move in Nebraska

Nebraska state Sen. Tom Brewer (R) is promoting legislation to allow teachers and other school staff to be armed in schools around the state for classroom defense.
The Associated Press reported that Brewer is stressing the special conditions in Nebraska, where so many schools are in rural settings that translate into long response time for law enforcement personnel. Brewer indicates that teachers and staff could be immediate first responders, saving untold numbers of lives between the time an alleged attack occurs and police arrive on scene.
In addition to allowing teachers and staff to be armed for classroom defense, Brewer’s bill “would give local school boards the ability to allow off-duty law enforcement to carry guns onto school property.”

Source: breitbart.com


  They did the same exact thing when Trump and Flynn got close to Putin. They threw an absolute fit and cried “treason”. Why? Because they are afraid of what Putin would share with Trump. Putin is anti-Globalist. Putin knows about their criminality in Ukraine. Putin knows where the bodies are buried. Putin has repeatedly called out the West’s perversion and widespread pedophilia.
He calls out the Western oligarchs’ plot to create biological weapons and manufacture biological crises to enrich themselves and steal elections via mail-in voting. Putin is as red-pilled as they come. They can’t have any of these truths on the airwaves, let alone on the biggest platform on the planet. If the public learn Putin is not the bad guy, the Deep State’s entire narrative crumbles.

Cyber Attacks

False Flags


GOP Rep. Massie: Secret Service Deleted Texts From J6 and Destroyed Their Phones AFTER Being Told by Congress to Preserve Them

GOP Rep. Thomas Massie accused DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas of being involved in the obstruction of Congress scandal related to deleted J6 text messages.
According to a Jack Smith filing in December, the DOJ may be a part of the scandal of the ‘missing’ Secret Service text messages.
“Secret Service deleted texts from J6 and destroyed their phones AFTER being told by Congress to preserve them,” Massie said on Monday. “Obstruction of Congress occurred under Sec Mayorkas.”


Source: thegatewaypundit.com



Hawaii Democrats Pass Bill to Remove President Trump from Ballot

The Hawaii State Legislature has passed a significant bill that could potentially bar former President Donald Trump from appearing on the state’s ballot for future elections.
The legislation, introduced by State Sen. Karl Rhoads, centers on the application of the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause as grounds to disqualify a candidate.
After its initial reading last month, the bill was subject to a public hearing by the Judiciary Committee.

SB 2392, which passed on Tuesday, does not mention Trump by name. However, its language clearly aims to prevent any candidate deemed to have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States, as outlined in Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, from holding office. Similar interpretations have been used in other states, such as Maine and Colorado, to challenge the former President’s eligibility.  

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Think about, people came out and they showed nikki how much they despise her. 

 Corporate Partner of Folds of Honor, which provides Scholarships for families of fallen Servicemen & Women. They’ve raised over $30,000,000 and given 44,000 Scholarships. Anheuser-Busch is a Great American Brand that perhaps deserves a Second Chance? What do you think? Perhaps, instead, we should be going after those companies that are looking to DESTROY AMERICA!

Trump campaign plans its takeover of the Republican National Committee

Under one scenario, Ronna McDaniel would resign. Under another, she’d remain at the RNC, albeit in a weakened position.

President Donald Trump’s campaign is quietly weighing options for how to reshuffle the Republican National Committee if, as expected, he becomes the GOP nominee — including options that both include and exclude the current chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel.
Two sources familiar with the planning, including a Trump adviser, told NBC News that Trump’s political organization is considering a plan that would essentially set up two separate organizations: It would leave McDaniel as chairwoman, but she would essentially be a sort of figurehead. Meanwhile staffers closely aligned with Trump would also be installed and have significant power over party operations. 
Under the plan, two Trump-picked co-chairs would be put in place — one to oversee fundraising and the other to oversee party operations. One of the sources named former RNC Chairman Reince Preibus, former Trump administration official and major GOP donor Linda McMahon and casino magnate Steve Wynn, as possibilities to run the fundraising side, while both sources said the operational side is almost certainly to be led by top Trump adviser Chris LaCivita.
Under this proposal, McDaniel would technically remain in her position as chairwoman, but she would have to clear nearly all of her major decisions with the Trump appointees.

Source: nbcnews.com

Source: politico.com


The Supreme Court must reverse this highly destructive decision by the DC Circuit.


Trump Campaign Vows to Appeal Immunity Ruling to Supreme Court

In response, the Trump campaign vowed to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court and said the current prosecution, led by Special Counsel Jack Smith, “threatens the bedrock of our Republic.”

Source: breitbart.com

 they are stripping judges and prosecutors of immunity as well for all you had to argue is they acted against their appointment and oath. Their statement of facts calls everyone on January 6th Trump’s “coconspirators,” and this is a plain declaration of guilt. They state the four charges against Trump, which are all conspiracy – the law of tyrants, for they need not prove that Trump did anything, is assumed to be indistinguishable from the protestors.
(1) conspiracy to defraud the United States by overturning the election results, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 371;
(2) conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding — i.e., the Congress’s certification of the electoral vote — in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1512(k);
(3) obstruction of, and attempt to obstruct, the certification of the electoral vote, in violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 1512(c)(2), 2; and
(4) conspiracy against the rights of one or more persons to vote and to have their votes counted, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 241.
“At this stage of the prosecution, we assume that the allegations set forth in the Indictment are true.”
The Crime of Conspiracy has long been the law of tyrants.  Maximinus I (235-238AD) used the Crime of Conspiracy, which is only a thought crime. It has been abandoned by most civilized countries – but not the United States for they never have to actually prove you did a crime. Conspiracy has been abandoned in Europe, Russia, and even China. Conspiracy is a vile crime itself, and it has been the favorite of tyrants for thousands of years. It allows the conviction of someone for a crime they did not commit, nor even attempted to commit but you claim they “intended” purely as a mental state to commit in the future. Maximinus I engaged in legal persecution. Thus, the crime of Conspiracy was the way to convict people you otherwise could not. There are three aspects to a crime in the United States where: anyone can be charged with conspiracy if the government desires.
(1) committing the act,
(2) attempting to commit the act, and then
(3) there is Conspiracy which is claimed you have only “intended” to commit the act in your mind, which cannot be proven and typically requires extorting a confession by force.
Using Conspiracy,  Maximinus I effectively tore the Roman economy apart at its seams. He charged a noted Senator by the name of Magnus with conspiracy against the emperor, found him guilty, executed him, and then arrested 4,000 others, claiming they conspired with him intending to depose him. He used this crime of conspiracy to execute them all, and that justified confiscating all their property as well.


What is being done to Trump is the outrageous abuse of conspiracy, and that we are in such desperate need of legal reform in this country is not a joke. Perhaps the abuse hurled at Trump will eventually wake up America to how bad our legal system has become.


Source: thearmstrongeconomics.com

Now that the D.C. Court of Appeals unanimously ruled Trump isn’t criminally bulletproof by dispelling his claim that he deserves absolute immunity, the federal criminal case charging him for the Jan. 6 election subversion is more likely to return to the calendar.

So what would happen if Trump were convicted?
Ankush Khadori games that out.

But Khadori believes the courts would move swifter given the stakes and unprecedented circumstances.
“In this particular case I would hope that if we get to that point that, you know, the Appellate Court and Supreme Court would be expediting their review,” he said. “Because obviously there would be an intense public interest in having appellate courts review that verdict for any potential defects or legal sufficiency.

“So that’s the ordinary course, like two, three years for the appellate chain of review; but I would hope, again, if that’s where this ends up that would move more quickly.”

Source: rawstory.com

WASHINGTON  – The judges put their decision on hold only until Monday to allow Trump to ask the Supreme Court to take up the immunity fight on an emergency basis. If he does so, the decision won’t take effect until the high court acts on his request, the appeals panel decreed.  (read more)
The court essentially stayed its own ruling, pending a punt to the Supreme Court.

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

 mobilized their entire MKultra Hollywood3letter mockingbird media propaganda lawfare apparatus to take him down and convince you to hate him It’s not working Nothing can stop it.
That is the significance of this historic moment in time.
We are witnessing the destruction of the old guard and with Trump back in office, like he said, “together, we will obliterate the deep state.”
Promises made promises kept The best is yet to come.

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