Elon Musk Rips Into Biden Over Lack of Border Plans


Entrepreneur Elon Musk, founder and CEO of companies including Tesla, SpaceX, and Starlink, called out President Joe Biden for his recent remarks about increasing chaotic situations at the southwestern border. Biden had pronounced that the new proposed reforms would amount to the ‘toughest and fairest’ measures in U.S. history geared towards bolstering border security.

Border security funding was a critical topic of discussion, with Biden emphasizing the need for more border patrol agents, immigration judges, asylum officers, and modern inspection technology. The president claimed that these considerations would fully address the calls for stricter border control.

However, according to the billionaire visionary, Musk, government legislation isn’t the solution. He argued that an executive order should suffice, requiring proof prior to granting asylum hearings – a system which he claims was operational in the past. Musk expressed his views on his X platform. These sentiments by Musk reflect similar criticisms issued by numerous Republican lawmakers and conservative commentators.

These critics highlight how, on day one of his term, Biden proceeded to sign several executive orders that had the effect of reversing stringent immigration practices of his predecessor. Measures like the ‘remain in Mexico’ policy and the construction of a border wall fell by the wayside. What transpired shortly after these policy shifts was a surge in the migrant crisis.

Former President Donald Trump too has voiced his concerns about these ongoing negotiations. Trump warned that some policies endorsed by Biden may inadvertently sanction the illegal crossing of thousands of migrants on a daily basis. Amidst this uproar, certain individuals have turned their criticism towards Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) for his support of a border bill.

Detractors argue that Lankford’s supported bill could potentially jeopardize American security, while simultaneously damaging the established process of legal immigration. Donald Trump Jr., not typically known for mincing words, publicly voiced his disapproval of what he calls a bad deal negotiated by Lankford.

‘This is an absolute misstep by this RINO,’ Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to express. ‘He’s shaking hands with the left to fund Zelenskyy with billions, whilst offering a sweeping pardon to illegals. That’s precisely why his poor deal is objectionable. Anyone falling in line behind it deserves a primary. Can we not simply fortify our borders properly?’

Echoing his son’s sentiments, the former president also publicly criticized the border bill during a campaign activity in Nevada. ‘As the leader of our party, there’s no way I can endorse this shameful, border-free betrayal of America. It can’t and won’t happen and I’ll resist to the end,’ he stated.

Trump also noticed that many senators seemed to be blaming him for the situation. ‘I notice a lot of the senators, a lot of the senators are attempting to say, they’re blaming it on me. Well, go ahead, pin it on me. Quite simply, they were poised to pass a highly flawed bill. A flawed bill is something worse than no bill at all,’ Trump added.

Meanwhile, an impending collision between the Biden administration and Texas looms large, after Governor Greg Abbott took action against continued migrant surges. Abbott did not comply with an order to vacate a state-owned park bordering Mexico and instead allowed Border Patrol agents to process migrants there. The Governor, tired of coping with and funding persistent migrant surges, made a defiant move.

The Republican governor directed the Texas National Guard and state law enforcement to occupy the park close to Eagle Pass, erecting razor-wire barriers to prevent illegal entry. However, DHS has requested that Abbott grant agents access to dismantle these barriers – a request he flatly refused.

On the back of these developments, several governors around the country have stepped up to share their support for Abbott, some even backing him with tangible resources like Guard troops, law enforcement officers, and other materials. This solidarity, directed towards preserving and defending the state’s integrity, has been widely observed.

Some Congress members too are standing with Abbott’s course of action. They believe he is within his rights to fortify state borders. ‘Let’s let Governor Abbott fulfill his role, which is indeed to put up the razor wire – I’m squarely behind Texas. We must secure this border,’ advocated Rep. Andy Ogles (R-Tenn.).

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