Famous Hollywood Jew Protests AGAINST Israel In Front of White House

The renowned actor Wallace Shawn made an appearance at a rally in Washington, DC on Monday, during which he strongly criticized Israel’s reaction to the violent terrorist acts carried out by Hamas. He expressed his own belief that he does not support the concept of revenge, characterizing the ongoing situation as an embodiment of this notion.

Shawn is widely recognized as an outspoken anti-Israel activist and holds a prominent position within the Jewish Voice for Peace, a left-wing anti-Zionist organization. This group attributes Hamas’ recent violent actions to what they perceive as “Israeli apartheid.”

The individual known for their role in The Princess Bride delivered a speech during a public demonstration on Monday. This particular protest was jointly arranged by Jewish Voice for Peace and If Not Now, both of which are organizations that express opposition towards Israel.

Shawn expressed his belief that “It’s certainly one of the most deliberate cruelties inflicted on a group of people that I can remember that my own government has supported.”

“Even in Vietnam, there was a whole elaborate explanation that people gave, and they didn’t quite admit they were just slaughtering the innocent. This is very deliberate.”

“I also don’t really believe in revenge, and that’s what this is.”

“It’s one of the most deliberate cruelties inflicted on a ppl that I can remember that my own gov’t has supported. Even in Vietnam, they didn’t quite admit they were just slaughtering the innocent”

Actor Wallace Shawn with other Jews in DC protesting #GazaGenocide #IsraelGazaWar pic.twitter.com/X57aP70f4E

— #StopCopCity (@ChuckModi1) October 16, 2023


Shawn has consistently held a prominent position within the Jewish Voice for Peace, an organization that advocates against the establishment of Israel. The organization attributed responsibility for the recent Hamas terrorist assaults to “Israeli apartheid and occupation — and United States complicity in that oppression.”

In addition to its membership, the group includes prominent figures such as Noam Chomsky, Judith Butler, and Tony Kushner, the playwright of Angels in America.


On Monday, former President Donald Trump made a commitment to implement a policy, should he be re-elected as president, which will prohibit the entry of immigrants who express support for Hamas into the United States. Additionally, he pledged to deploy law enforcement personnel to pro-Hamas demonstrations with the intention of apprehending and repatriating immigrants who openly endorse the Palestinian militant organization.

During a campaign visit to Iowa, President Trump addressed the conflict between Israel and Hamas, highlighting the Hamas-initiated killing of a minimum of 1,300 Israelis. This event subsequently led to a war, during which Palestinian health officials claim that Israel has caused the deaths of over 2,800 Palestinians in the Gaza region.

Trump expressed his intention to implement certain immigration policies if reelected for a second term. Specifically, he proposed the prohibition of entry into the United States for anyone who do not acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, as well as the revocation of visas for foreign students deemed to hold anti-Semitic views.

Additionally, he pledged to enhance restrictions on travel originating from “terror-plagued countries.” Trump also called for a rigorous process of “strong ideological screening.”

A number of immigration initiatives implemented by President Trump were subject to legal challenges by liberals throughout his tenure, and it is plausible that his latest commitments may encounter similar legal scrutiny.

On Monday, President Trump expressed his intention to implement a ban on immigration from Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and any other country “or anywhere else that threatens our security.” President Trump also recited a poem in which he drew a parallel between criminal illegals and venomous serpents.

According Trump, the invasion of Israel has raised concerns about the near possibility of a third world war. Trump declared his belief earlier this month.

President Trump issued a cautionary statement while addressing supporters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Saturday, shortly after the commencement of Hamas’ military incursion into the nation.

According to Trump’s statement, “We are closer to World War III than we’ve ever been. And I’m the only one that will prevent World War III.”

Trump on to assert that a potential conflict of this nature would possess unparalleled lethality, citing notable developments in weaponry.

“That won’t be a war with army tanks going back and forth, too,” Trump warned. “That will be a war with weaponry the likes of which this world has never seen before … I know it. I know it better than anybody.”

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The ex-president strongly criticized President Joe Biden’s leadership, asserting that his actions “caused this war with his stupidity” both domestically and internationally, attributing it to his lack of intelligence. Trump cited other acts taken by the Biden administration as factors, such as relaxed border rules and voter identification legislation.

Biden has faced persistent allegations regarding his alleged role in facilitating the Hamas offensive against Israel.

During the weekend, a number of Republican presidential candidates highlighted the recent release of $6 billion in blocked Iranian cash, which was contingent upon the liberation of five Americans who were jailed in Iran.

These candidates asserted that the provision of monies facilitated the occurrence of the attack.

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