Farmers Issue Critical Warning About Biden’s Policies Destroying Agriculture

An unexpected blow to American agriculture is being dealt by rising costs and the trend of ‘sustainability’. This largely overlooked problem, which is detrimentally impacting the backbone of American economy, came to light in a discussion with two ranchers who appeared on a televised talk show last week.

During the candid talk, they raised concerns about policies that they claim are hurting their livelihood. Their statement carries weight – ‘Farmland owners across the nation are shutting down their operations on a daily basis’, as pointed out by John Boyd Jr., the founder of an organization supporting African-American cultivators in the US.

Boyd provided an in-depth look at the situation, explaining ‘Our nation’s beef cattle farmers are diminishing their stocks. This means there won’t be an increase in calfs to replenish the herds.’ The farming community is showing signs of distress, and nobody seems to be paying attention.

As a significant example, Boyd provided that beef output had declined by a billion pounds in the previous year. This worrying trend, he warned, could soon start impacting consumers directly.

The grim reality of farm foreclosures is also looming large. Boyd, who once ran for a Congressional seat, emphasized the inaction of the USDA in preventing such unfortunate events. He specifically referred to direct loans, guaranteed loans and other significant agricultural financial aids that could potentially keep afloat struggling farmers.

In an appeal for immediate attention to the critical situation, Boyd said, ‘I’ve raised this request on your network multiple times.’ His calls for action underscores the urgency of the situation.

Further expanding on the points raised, Shad Sullivan, a farmer from Texas, highlighted another dimension to the crisis – globalization. He singled out certain international powers, attributing the crisis to them.

‘It is the world leaders pushing the narrative of climate change. They argue that we need sustainability, but that’s just an euphemism for controlling productivity and consumption at a global level,’ Sullivan told the audience.

He further noted, ‘Such trends have led to vertical integration across all sectors, with the beef cattle industry being the final frontier of our freedom.’ He expressed concerns over the recent events and symbolically called for decisive action, asking us to seize the ‘bull by the horns.’

This, he explained, was necessary to prevent severe repercussions that could potentially come from the implementation of sustainable regulations that are crippling Western farming practices. He vehemently countered the proposition that cattle farming is a threat to the world.

Sullivan threw light on the activities of corporate farming interests, referring to their investigation into alternative sources of protein, including exotic options like crickets. He highlighted the news of Tyson Foods recently investing in a Dutch company that specializes in insect ingredients.

In a reassurance to their customers, Tyson’s CFO assured that their focus lies more within the realm of ‘ingredient application with insect protein’ rather than ‘consumer application’, pointing towards their existing product line.

In conclusion, Sullivan identified these issues not just as problems inherent to farming, but as matters of ‘liberty and freedom.’ He insisted that these are the fundamental areas that demand our attention.

Therefore, it is crucial that we take these concerns seriously and take appropriate action. The predicaments faced by our farming community are not isolated instances, but serious signs of emerging global challenges.

There is a dire need for policy deliberations, community support, and a shift in public sentiment towards understanding the true impacts of these issues. Supporting our farmers equates to supporting our economy and ultimately, safeguarding our freedom.

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