FBI Receives Over 40 Criminal Instances Related to the Biden Family 


In the past, the Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had on retainer more than 40 individuals who forwarded sensitive intelligence on assorted matters linked to the Biden family, inclusive of the now President Joe Biden. These covert sources were providing the bureau with pertinent intel on investigations, with the key persons of interest being Joe Biden himself, James Biden, and his son Hunter Biden.

The informants, engaged in various confidential missions, were handled by diverse FBI branches nationwide. A concerning revelation came to light where an investigative task force within the Washington Field Office of the FBI had endeavored to subvert the flow of reporting from these sources.

More unsettling, there were cases where this interruptive operation was indeed successful, as they methodically dulled the credibility of the sources. Startlingly, they did this by disseminating false narratives that portrayed the sourced info as being conceived from foreign misinformation campaigns.

Still, the credibility of one informant, along with their supplied information, maintained its position after having undergone scrutiny from numerous United States attorneys’ divisions. In the course of this sequence, the alleged Russian disinformation was evidently given no ground to stand upon.

These stunning revelations came to the surface in a letter penned by Grassley to US Attorney General Merrick Garland and the chief executive of the Bureau, Christopher Wray.

Over a significant period, Grassley has been deeply involved in the investigation into available details, records, and assertions from a number of Justice Department whistleblowers. As per the claims made by these whistleblowers, it appears that there are certain officials within the Justice Department and FBI who are attempting to unjustly halt and delay the complete investigative procedure concerning the Biden family.

A critical point in question that demands clarity is the FBI’s courses of action regarding the gathered Intel. Was an investigation launched into these accusations or was it simply brushed under the carpet by the Bureau?

An important piece of document, known as the FD-1023, earned substantial public attention earlier this year. This document contained claims from a confidential, yet highly valid source alleging criminal illicit activities of then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

This set of accusations involved a supposed illicit deal with Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder, and chief executive officer of a Ukraine-based natural gas company, Burisma Holdings. This information was documented with detailed recounts of interactions the informant held with a top executive at Burisma Holdings over a few years, starting in 2015.

At this juncture, Hunter Biden was a member of the board of directors at Burisma. The informant extended their account to the Bureau, reporting an alleged extortion scheme. According to this account, Joe Biden, alongside his son Hunter, coerced a hefty payout from Zlochevsky in return for their assistance in dismissing the Ukrainian prosecutor at that time, Viktor Shokin, who was investigating the company.

The White House, however, heavily rejected these allegations. Regardless of the White House’s denial, these accusations remain an ongoing subject of investigation. This ongoing view of the case, according to Grassley, speaks to its authentic investigative worth.

In the landscape of these events, it becomes evident that the truth is invaluable – both for those accused and those entrapped within these complex webs of power. As the nation stands keenly watching, the revelations unrolled across multiple folds perhaps paint a picture revealing more than what meets the eye.

Thus, regardless of the side standing firm on the political aisle, what inevitably matters is continuing rigorous investigations to maintain the integrity of our nation’s leadership, ensuring that justice is duly served, and laying bare the truth for the benefit of all our citizens, not just a select few.

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