Female Basketball Team at Collegiate Charter School Forfeits Match Following Injury from Trans Opponent 


The girls basketball team at Lowell’s Collegiate Charter School recently forfeited a match, a decision driven by in-game injuries to three players, one of which surfaced through an incident with the opposing team’s player, a tall individual who identifies as female.

The premature end to the Feb. 8 contest against KIPP Academy was strategized by coach Kevin Ortins, who had to manage his diminishing lineup, keeping in mind a playoff game scheduled just four days later. In the roster of the opposing team, KIPP Academy, was a player biologically male, but identifying female, who was implicated in an incident that caused an injury on the court.

The Collegiate Charter School of Lowell released a statement highlighting the injuries of three of their players during the match. However, it was emphasized that the team went into the game informed about their opponent’s lineup, as the two teams had faced off earlier in the year without any issues. Taking into consideration the physical safety of the players, Coach Ortins made the executive decision to forfeit the match, a choice also motivated by the concern for their ability to participate in the upcoming playoffs.

In an official communiqué after the match, the school asserted the precarious situation that led to their withdrawal from the game. They pointed out the trepidation of the unaffected players who expressed concerns about similar injuries potentially barring them from participating in the playoffs. Additionally, the school’s statement reiterated its commitment and values in promoting both inclusivity and the security of all pupils involved.

The Daily Item, when reaching out for comments to the athletic director of KIPP Academy, Anthony Grimaldi, received no direct comment regarding whether the school thought the gender identity of the particular player on their team was the cause for Collegiate’s forfeit. Grimaldi maintained a neutral stand, declining to provide specific explanations for the surprising action by the opposing team. Instead, he stated KIPP Academy’s focus lay in preparing for the ensuing match.

A look at the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association’s rule book provides an interesting backdrop to this incident. According to Section 43.3.1, it is against their regulations to exclude any student from participating on a sports team corresponding to their genuine gender identity. This means that a student should not be isolated from partaking on a team that aligns with their heartfelt gender self-identification.

Further, Section 43.3.2 of the handbook adds another dimension to this discussion. It explicitly mentions that a student cannot be included on any sports team with the sole intention of leveraging an unfair advantage over others. This stipulation compels a deeper understanding of each student-athlete’s motives while ensuring the overall fairness and integrity of the sport in question.

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