Former Top DeSantis Aide Endorses Trump – ‘Only Trump Can Save America’


The race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination has seen a significant shift, with Steve Cortes, once a fervent supporter of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, now publicly endorsing former President Donald Trump. Cortes, who formerly championed DeSantis’s aspirations through the disbanded Never Back Down Super PAC, has altered his allegiance, expressing a renewed support for Trump in the impending elections, as related by One America News.

In the previous two election cycles of 2016 and 2020, Cortes was an integral adviser for the Trump campaign. However, subsequent to the conclusion of the 2020 elections, he felt compelled to dissociate from Trump’s camp. This move was primarily a reaction to what he perceived as severe criticisms from Trump towards their shared former co-workers.

Following his departure from the Trump campaign, Cortes found a new political avenue in the Never Back Down Super PAC, actively promoting the candidacy of Governor DeSantis. He confidently professed in May 2023, his belief that DeSantis boasted the highest potential to triumph in the 2024 presidential race, and emerge as a proficient, patriotic populist leader of the nation.

Cortes relinquished his role in the Super PAC in October of the same year, though he refrained from publicly detailing the reasons behind his decision at that juncture. His silence persisted for several months, choosing not to shed light on his rationale for moving on from the DeSantis campaign.

In a recent development, Cortes authored a compelling op-ed piece for RealClearPolitics titled ‘Only Trump Can Save America’. Conveying his evolving political creed, Cortes opens his article stating his changing perspective on the readiness of Republican voters to move onto a next phase of the America First movement.

Explaining his shift, he expressed, ‘I now believe I was wrong,’ indicating his revitalized confidence in Trump’s capacity to clinch victory in the November elections. This conviction is bolstered by the impressive performance Trump mounted in Iowa, yielding further credence to his potential to succeed.

In his op-ed, Cortes urged those who previously supported DeSantis, or any other Republican candidates, to reassess the political landscape. He expertly painted a picture of the dominance demonstrated by the former president, skillfully narrowing down the competitors and then handling the remaining opposition in Iowa with ease.

Throughout his piece, his focus remains on reuniting all factions of supporters behind the famed mogul turned statesman, Donald John Trump. Cortes emphasizes the importance of unity in the face of the opposition from the ruling class and oligarchs, which he sees as eager to undermine the cherished American way of life.

With patriotic fervor, Cortes signals his resolve to dedicate himself to the cause of Trump, much like in the previous years of 2016 and 2020. His call for action seeks to galvanize all patriotic populists to rally towards a united front to ensure victory in the forthcoming elections.

The shift in political dynamics energized further just before the New Hampshire primary; DeSantis announced his support for Trump, deciding to exit the Republican presidential race. Utilizing platform X, the modern incarnation of Twitter, the Florida governor made this momentous declaration.

DeSantis’ message was sober but resolute. He acknowledged his campaign’s statistical reality and overall voter sentiment, with him trailing in third place, scarcely entering into double digit percentages in recent New Hampshire polls. His decision to bow out of the race was thus framed as one made in honor of those who supported him.

In a profound display of party loyalty, DeSantis expressed his admiration for Trump, saluting the tenacity with which Trump battled external opposition during his term. Despite the governor’s competitive spirit, he reiterated his commitment to support the Republican nominee, as per the pledge he had previously signed.

In response, Trump expressed his profound gratitude for the endorsement, signaling his eagerness to join forces with DeSantis in pursuit of defeating Joe Biden. The transfer of support from one high-profile Republican figure to another added a significant twist to the narrative of the 2024 GOP primary.

The latest political currents bear ominous forebodings for Nikki Haley, another prominent contender for the Republican nomination. Her situation appears increasingly strained, the longer she remains in the electoral race.

A national survey conducted recently by Morning Consult amongst 1,297 potential Republican primary voters brings to light stark realities. Trump appears to hold a sizable lead, attracting the favor of a remarkable 81 percent of participants. Haley, Trump’s erstwhile UN ambassador, musters support merely from 18 percent of those surveyed.

The yawning gap of 63 points between the two heavyweights sends a strong message about the uphill climb Haley faces in her bid for the nomination. With these figures in view, the magnitude of her challenge at this juncture certainly appears daunting.

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