Former Top Fox News Host Threatens Civil War

The last election to be “decided by ballots rather than bullets” would take place in 2024, according to former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee (R), should former President Trump lose the presidential contest due to his numerous legal disputes.

Many in the former president’s inner circle have cited Huckabee’s claim that the legal issues Trump is currently facing are a result of a politically motivated plot by the Biden administration in the most recent episode of his TBN program.

“If these tactics end up working to keep Trump from winning or even running in 2024, it is going to be the last American election that will be decided by ballots rather than bullets,” Huckabee warned in his opening monologue.

Huckabee charged that President Biden and his representatives were attempting “to destroy Trump in the courthouse rather than at the ballot box” and “to make sure that Donald Trump is not his opponent in 2024.” Plus, he said that the FBI, the IRS, and the Justice Department are “conspiring to hide the Biden family crimes, while all the time being obsessed with charging Donald Trump with crimes.”

Following his loss to Biden in 2020 for reelection, Trump is running for president in 2024, but he is already facing numerous indictments on both federal and state crimes in local courtrooms across the nation.

After two DOJ investigations, the former president is now charged with conspiracies to rig the 2020 election results and for handling secret documents. He is being charged in Manhattan in connection with the 2016 hush-money payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Additionally, he faces charges in Georgia related to attempts to void the results of the 2020 election in the state.

Some have said that the numerous legal disputes should disqualify Trump, even if polls show that he has actually benefited from them in the GOP primary.

Huckabee, who made two failed attempts to win the Republican presidential nomination in 2008 and 2016, continued by praising Trump, who has been polling the best among the GOP contenders for some time.

“I know that there are a dozen or so other Republican candidates wanting to be the GOP nominee next year, and most of them were on the stage last week to audition for the job. But if you watched what was more a game show than a substantive debate, you realize none of them have the gravitas of Donald Trump,” Huckabee said.

The first presidential debate hosted by the Republican National Committee took place last month without Trump’s participation.

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