Fox Host Makes Embarrassing Mistake During GOP Debate

During the Wednesday night GOP debate, a moderator encountered an unfortunate incident wherein they mispronounced the name of a fellow moderator. This occurrence maybe influenced the subsequent tumultuous nature of the debate.

Stuart Varney, a prominent figure in Fox Business, cordially greeted the audience to the second Republican discussion of the primary election, followed by his endeavor to introduce Ilia Calderón of Univision, positioned to his left.

“I am thrilled to be sitting alongside my co-moderators, Fox News Channel’s Dana Perino and Ilia Calder… uh, uh, Univision,” stuttered Varney.

“Good evening,” said the two in unison before Varney gestured for Calerdón to take it from there.

“Thank you, Stuart,” she continued gracefully.


According to the evaluations, Fox demonstrated a lack of readiness in hosting a primetime event in the absence of former President Donald Trump, who opted to deliver a speech to the United Auto Workers, who are now engaged in a strike in Michigan. The group of lesser-known candidates engaged in continuous disagreements, leading to a loss of authority over the format by Perino, Varney, and Calderón.

Varney’s predicament elicited a notably unfavorable response from the online community, as exemplified by a viewer who derogatorily referred to him as a “drunk orangutan.”

Stuart Varney bumbled around like a drunk orangutan with dementia

Dana Perino was her usual inept, pea brained self with a dump truck load of smokey eye makeup

and that Univision social justice intern needed an interpreter – and she was speaking ENGLISH ffs

what a fiasco

— NitroBacto (@Thad8920) September 28, 2023

President Trump accused Varney of not saying sorry in the lead-up to the debate on Truth Social for manipulating his polling numbers with opponent Ron DeSantis to “make it look like he was winning, when in fact he was being CRUSHED.”

Trump calls out Stuart Varney, who’s moderating the GOP debate tomorrow, for airing poll numbers that had him and Desantis flipped

He knows the antics that will be pulled at this Reagan library uniparty debate

— johnny maga (@_johnnymaga) September 26, 2023

The strategic decision made by President Trump to abstain from participating in the lively debate may be seen as a calculated move aimed at redirecting his focus towards a direct confrontation with President Joe Biden. This decision effectively marginalized the other Republican contenders, who were left grappling for attention and relevance during the event. According to polling data collected from GOP voters, the leading contender within the Republican party enjoys significantly high levels of approval. Conversely, several candidates who initially qualified for the first debate failed to satisfy the necessary criteria to participate in the subsequent debate.

Although physically absent, the former president expressed his viewpoint on the topic. During the course of the event, President Trump and his team actively engaged in posting content on Truth Social. They shared a post by former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, wherein he expressed his opinion that the individual present in Michigan that evening was more captivating than the group in California. Additionally, they shared an online poll indicating that Trump had emerged as the debate’s victor, despite his absence. Governor Gavin Newsom of California criticized the discussion, likening it to the caliber of the XFL or a junior varsity squad, in stark contrast to the well-executed campaign conducted by President Trump.

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