Fox’s Harris Faulkner Shares Truly Disturbing News

After pointing out some of Vice President Kamala Harris’ most recent “word salad” explanations of various issues and subject matter, Fox News “Outnumbered” co-host Harris Faulkner expressed concern for the vice president.

The VP was quoted as saying, “The issue of transportation is fundamentally just making sure that people have the ability to get where they need to go,” during a show segment on Thursday.

Co-host Kayleigh McEnany remarked, “Hmmm. Before pointing to Harris’ assertion that “the majority of domestic flights do not have accessible restrooms,” the tweet read, “But wait, there’s more.”

“The majority of domestic flights do not have accessible restrooms. This is absolutely unacceptable. Our Administration will soon announce a solution to help end this inequity,” Harris wrote.

In response, McEnany proclaimed, “Every domestic flight I’ve been on has had accessible restrooms — trust me, I change my kids in them.”

The program then played a clip of Harris’s earlier this week attempt to explain artificial intelligence.

“I think the first part of this issue that should be articulated, AI is kind of a fancy thing,” Harris said. “First of all, it’s two letters. It means, Artificial Intelligence.”

“She is off track, and I think we know this even from a president who has historically low approval ratings,” Faulkner said. “So, it doesn’t really matter now what she says as much as what she does. What is she doing to change the opinion of Americans? And if she ends up running in Biden’s place and for some reason he doesn’t run — is there enough time for her to turn this ship around?”

“And, you know, she’s counting the letters of AI and telling the rest of us that there are only two letters,” she added. “I’m worried for her.”

“I am too, I am too,” McEnany agreed. “As a former colleague reminded me, VP has only two letters, as well.”

“It stands for Vice President,” joked Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen.

Faulkner said mockingly, “Thank you for clearing it up.


The majority of domestic flights do not have accessible restrooms.

This is absolutely unacceptable.

Our Administration will soon announce a solution to help end this inequity.

— Vice President Kamala Harris (@VP) July 11, 2023

Megyn Kelly, a former Fox News host and current SiriusXM podcaster, took note of the vice president’s less-than-stellar description of AI and called Harris “a moron.”

“Her and [White House press secretary] Karine Jean-Pierre are cut from the same cloth — actually saying absolutely nothing with tons of words toward that end. It is a skill it shouldn’t be underestimated … it’s an embarrassment,” Kelly, 52, said.

“So we’ll laugh at this because it’s obvious drivel. But the left-wing press – they don’t like her. Even the Democrats don’t like her. But remember what they did to [former GOP Vice President] Dan Quayle? She’s not getting that treatment by the press …. Give it like another six months, and you’ll get the hit piece on why we’re all sexist and misogynist and racist for having any fun at her expense whatsoever,” Kelly added.

She continued by acknowledging that she initially gave Harris “the benefit of the doubt.” But things have changed now.

“I did not think she was an idiot. I now think she’s a moron. She’s not that smart. Forgive me, I’m still one of those people who gets wooed by titles like, ‘She was the attorney general in the state of California.’ You know, how dumb could she be? Like, dumb. The answer is very, very dumb,” Kelly declared.

“And I come to that conclusion just with my own eyes and ears from watching and listening to her. She cannot put two sentences together,” the host added.

“She’s just not a smart person, and it concerns me because that’s all we have in line at the Democratic side. And as [Donald] Trump’s numbers continue to go up and up and up – and I realize some of the polls are showing him beating Joe Biden now in a hypothetical matchup – he’s still very vulnerable,” she explained.

“He did not win in 2020, and it looks like it’s gonna be the same matchup, and honestly, Joe Biden’s knocking on the Grim Reaper’s door, and she could be the president of the United States in the next six years by default if things go in a dark and upsetting way. I’m concerned,” Kelly added.

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