GA Resident Confronts Kemp To His Face – Gets Him To Make Huge Admission

Liberals have denounced conservative claims that Dominion voting machines are susceptible to hacking as being conspiracy theories and whining. Never mind that a professor at the University of Michigan has declared the machines hackable, and other cybersecurity experts are testing the machines and finding flaws.

Hacking options seem to include the machines themselves as well as the attached modems that are used to send data from precincts to central offices.

Democrats have consistently refuted that the machines are or can be faulty. But now a well-known Republican governor has stated the obvious for the record.

A group of Georgia voters confronted Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger at the District 8 GOP fish fry event. The group of concerned citizens, who later joined journalist Emerald Robinson to discuss the confrontation, are co-founders of

SOS Brad Raffensperger was confronted by voters demanding transparency. When asked why he refuses to let citizens use paper ballots, Raffensperger responded, “Because state law is state law and the state law requires a system to be certified by the EAC.”

However, Georgia voter Stacy Doran countered, “No, it’s not true. And he knows it and his lawyers know it. But they are on a propaganda deceit operation for over two years now.”

Republican Governor Kemp, openly admitted that the state’s voting machines are hackable, saying “if you give anybody a voting machine, they can hack it.”

“Well, you saw my expression and I clapped my hands. I couldn’t believe he said what he said,” said Sam Karnlein, another co-founder of

Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp, admits, “if you give anybody a voting machine, they can hack it.”

— Yoshi The Patriot (@yoshithepatriot) August 28, 2023


@BrianKempGA admits that the voting machines ARE hackable.

This after a group of Georgia voters confronted Governor Brian Kemp & SOS Brad Raffensperger.

The group of brave patriots joined @EmeraldRobinson to discuss how it all went down.

(CC: @AndrewIsenhour)

— The Absolute Truth with @EmeraldRobinson (@AbsoluteWithE) August 29, 2023

The confrontation took place at a time when Georgia Election Board Chairman Bill Duffy had resigned. Duffy was responsible for investigating election fraud allegations and setting voting rules. His resignation comes amid growing concerns about the integrity of Georgia’s voting system.

The resignation of Bill Duffy, who was supposed to be investigating election fraud, raises questions about the timing. “I don’t think that [our confrontation] had anything to do this week with Bill Duffy deciding to resign,” said Georgia voter Doran. “The legislative branch failed us first, the judicial branch has failed us, and now the executive branch is failing us.”

Field Searcy, one of the co-founders of, said, “We need transparency in our elections. We don’t have transparency. We got a secret box. It’s a secret box.”

Few are reporting the attempts to document the flaws in the Dominion machines, but there are those who are showing how the flaws occur. At the University of Michigan, Professor Alex Halderman has made a career studying electronic voting security.

In June 2017, Halderman testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on hacking elections. Speaking specifically about the dominion machines, Halderman stated, “…because my colleagues and I have hacked them – repeatedly – as a part of a decade of research studying the technology that operates elections and learning how to make it stronger.”

“We’ve created attacks that can spread from machine to machine like a computer virus and silently change election outcomes,” Halderman stated to the committee. “We studied touch screens and optical scan systems.” Halderman’s next words were delivered with direct eye contact and verbal staccato delivery, the Alumni magazine at UM reported.

“And in every single case, we found ways for attackers to sabotage machines and to steal votes. These capabilities are certainly within reach for America’s enemies.”

Last September, NPR reported that a hacker bought 200 voting machines on eBay. Harri Hursti is a cybersecurity expert who works as contracted by state officials to test vulnerabilities in voting machines.

Hursti found one of those machines, a new model, that was sold to him on eBay by a seller who had reportedly found the machine on a Michigan Goodwill website for $7.99. The seller, Ean Hutchinson, who lives in Ohio, stated on eBay that the machine had been used in “the most recent elections.”

The state of Michigan intervened to discover if the machine was stolen or otherwise compromised. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced at the time, “We are actively working with law enforcement to investigate allegations of an illegal attempt to sell a voter assist terminal acquired in Michigan.”

Hursti noted in the article last year that human error and improper handling of machines also play a part in flaws, saying “they don’t have the proper training” of polling place volunteers.

Hursti commented that people fail to keep track of machines. “They leave them behind someplace and just totally forget them.” He mentioned an instance where an election device was left behind at a hotel for more than a year. After calling officials to retrieve the machine, the hotel finally sold it.

Last October, Politico reported on the fact that the modems being attached to a networking system opened up new ways to attack the data that does not require physical access to the machines themselves.

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