Geraldo Loses It On Trump During LIVE Show Over His Vile’ Comment

Geraldo Rivera, a former host at Fox News, strongly criticized former President Donald Trump’s assertion that undocumented immigrants are negatively impacting the well-being of the nation by metaphorically referring to them as “poisoning the blood of our country.”

Rivera vehemently criticized a spokeswoman for Trump, asserting that their assertion of the phrase being “used in everyday life” is “absolute bulls**t.”

Rivera expressed his profound disappointment aka, “losing it,” over Trump’s remark during an interview with CNN’s Abby Phillip, as evidenced by a video disseminated by Mediaite. “I think it’s vile. I think it’s disgusting. It’s very disappointing.”

“To sink to that level, it’s for me a personal embarrassment that we were friends for so long,” he added. “This language is racist, it is really disgusting, and, you know, some things cannot abide. We cannot abide certain things and he has crossed the line. I beseech his followers to listen to what he said about poison blood.”

According to Rivera, the Nazis employed comparable “poisonous rhetoric.”

“I hate to use Nazi or Hitler references, but it is impossible to miss the obvious parallels,” Geraldo went on. “Poison blood, it was a direct reference. He made a direct reference that the migrants, the immigrants, mostly Latinos now, may I say, are poisoning, polluting the blood of real Americans. It is intolerable. I mean it’s absolutely beyond the pale.”

The comment by Trump was downplayed by a member of his staff, with the assertion that it is “a normal phrase that is used in everyday life.”

Rivera complained to Phillip “Excuse me, I apologize to you and your audience, but I have to say that the spokesman’s excuse was absolute bullshit.”

“It is lowdown and dirty,” he added. “Give me a break.”

Former President Trump’s remark about undocumented immigrants “poisoning the blood of our country,” is disgusting. Not only does it harken back to the Nazi-era, it is also part of the shameful, vile, centuries old tradition of claiming falsely that immigrants carry diseases.

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) October 6, 2023

It’s unknown if the cartels are paying Geraldo.

The former Fox employee was also shocked by things Tucker Carlson said while employed by the company as well.

In a recent interview conducted by Mediaite, Geraldo disclosed certain inside information pertaining to the repercussions of Tucker Carlson’s historical take on the events surrounding January 6th.

Rivera was interviewed by Mediaite’s editor-in-chief, Aidan McLaughlin, and reporter Diana Falzone.

The conversation started when Falzone inquired Rivera about the interpersonal dynamics observed on Fox News’s The Five, whereby the presence of unresolved tensions between Rivera and an unidentified co-host ultimately resulted in his removal from the show. Rivera served as a co-host on the highly regarded panel program until his departure from the show, which subsequently prompted his decision to resign from the network.

“I have heard rumblings from Fox News insiders that the tension was between you and Fox’s Greg Gutfeld, who at one point actually berated you on Twitter for objecting to Tucker Carlson’s coverage of January 6th. What happened there?” Falzone questioned Rivera.

“Well, you know, I don’t want to focus in on any particular person, you can read the record, but I can tell you what happened vis a vis me and Tucker because that was the real substantive part of it,” Rivera answered.

Rivera openly expressed his opposition to Carlson’s much-criticized remarks during the January 6th violence at the Capitol, which subsequently led to Fox News facing a slander lawsuit. Rivera expressed his disagreement with Carlson’s assertions by characterizing them as “bullshit” in several interviews with multiple publications, resulting in his subsequent suspension.

Rivera stated on Mediaite’s The Interview podcast:

I was shocked and outraged. I mean, I was nauseous over Tucker Carlson’s premise that 9/11, not 9/11, that January 6th was an inside job. So Tucker Carlson began floating the idea, and I didn’t know why. I assumed it was just evidence-based in his own mind. Floating the idea that January 6th was fake, that it was government agents that staged it, the agents provocateur who aggravated everything, that there was no you know, President Trump did not incite a legitimate riot.

Then what happened is he made his remarks and then, you know, deep state operators basically took advantage of it to make Trump look bad, which was preposterous. It was ridiculous. It was you know, I actually said it was bullshit, is what I said to The Washington Post or The New York Times. I forget one or the other because I did several interviews between those two papers at the time.

“I got calls from within Fox. Right on. You know, we’re shocked, we’re outraged by what Tucker is trying to do. Thank you for speaking out, you know from people that could not speak out,” Rivera said, expressing gratitude for individuals who spoke their opinions on behalf of those who were unable to do so, highlighting the network’s internal discontent with Carlson’s theories surrounding the events of January 6th.

“You know, I even advised some prominent people just to cool it, that I could, I’ll take the heat because I felt that I was more bulletproof. I mixed my metaphors there, but I felt that I could say things that others, perhaps more vulnerable in their or more early in their careers, could not say. And so I was suspended for that,” he continued, afterward shifting his focus onto Gutfeld.

“I was suspended whenever, you know, Gutfeld and I had a head-to-head with two incidents, one on abortion rights. I call them insulting punk, and another I forget what it was. They always took his side. So, you know, it’s like. I was. I could sense that I was hanging by a thread. Anyway, there’s another metaphor. But the way it came down, they made a very pragmatic decision, a business decision,” Rivera ended somewhat diplomatically.


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