Gutfeld Drops Surprise Bomb About Trump’s Future Live On Fox News

The concept of popularity is widely recognized and acknowledged in contemporary society. It refers to the state Fox News host Greg Gutfeld provided his analysis on former President Donald Trump, asserting to viewers that as time progresses beyond the 2020 election, the Republican presidential frontrunner appears increasingly favorable in anticipation of the forthcoming electoral competition against President Joe Biden.

According to Gutfeld, President Trump may base his campaign on a robust domestic economy characterized by low inflation, as well as his efforts to promote peaceful relations internationally, thereby avoiding the possibility of a third World War.

“Weird and amazing: the further away we get from Trump 2020, the closer he gets to the White House in 2024. Everything that he’s done just looks better and better, between inflation, home prices, a hot war, a cold war, a broken border, decimated cities. It makes you dream of a strong country whose only problem was an intelligentsia plagued by mean tweets and crass jokes,” Gutfeld surmised.

“We lost Trump because the media preferred peace of mind over actual peace,” he snarked.


Gutfeld’s right! The closer 2024 gets…the more President Trump looks good.

— Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) October 27, 2023

President Biden is currently facing a series of challenging news cycles, which Greg Gutfeld suggests may cause him concern regarding the potential of competing against former President Trump. This concern arises in light of declining poll ratings among both the general public and members of the Democratic party. In the aftermath of the Israel-Hamas conflict, a notable shift has occurred whereby a majority of Democrats now express sympathy for Palestinians over Israelis. Additionally, President Biden is encountering significant doubt from younger progressive voters on his suitability for a second term.

President Biden is particularly concerned about the possibility that his age may hinder his eligibility for a second term. The incumbent, who is currently 80 years old, is about to complete his initial term as the United States president, making him the oldest individual to hold this position. If reelected, he would serve a second term until the age of 86, which would be considered an advanced age for a president. The individual in question is currently experiencing a multitude of instances commonly referred to as “senior moments,” characterized by public instances of cognitive lapses, such as losing track of one’s thoughts, experiencing difficulty navigating to scheduled meetings, and encountering awkward situations that are then perpetuated through continuous circulation on social media platforms inside the 24-hour news cycle. The president has been equipped with customized footwear and modified staircases by his aides in an effort to prevent the occurrence of accidents that have caused concern among voters regarding the capability of a global leader who frequently dozes off during official duties.

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